How to remove your Facebook data from macOS

“Whether you’re planning on keeping your Facebook account, are debating deleting it, or already have, you may have Facebook data stored on your Mac,” Michael Potuck writes for 9to5Mac.

“macOS allows users to log in to social media accounts at the system level, offering the option to easily post content, enable third-party app access, and sync/download information to your Mac, including contacts, calendar events, and other data,” Potuck writes.

“Apple removed the option to sign into third-party services and apps at the system level on iOS with iOS 11,” Potuck writes. “We could see the same thing happen with macOS, but you don’t need to wait until the next release to do so.”

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  1. Is there a reason Apple doesn’t let the user permanently delete the FB, Twit, and xtomi extensions baked into the MacOS ???????????

    Didn’t ask to have these services installed, don’t trust any of them, and I want them gone. Walk your talk Apple. Keep optional bloatware off the OS.

  2. @ Observer:

    Totally agree, this is a longtime gripe of mine on both iOS and macOS.

    /System/Library/Extensions comes from Apple full of junk. It is anti-user to prevent the removal of unwanted 3rd party fluff. To me, this is just as bad as buying a Wintel box preloaded with unwanted trialware. It would be infinitely superior if 3rd party software was recommended in the setup tools using links for the user to opt in and download apps from the Mac store.

    There is no technical justification for Apple to bake it into the OS.

    macOS bloat indeed.

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