Apple’s iPhone X destroys Android’s very best smartphones; makes Samsung Galaxy Note 8 seem obsolete

“The Galaxy Note 8 is an incredible phone. Back when I reviewed it for PCWorld I gave it the highest possible score and raved about its display, still the greatest I’ve seen in Android phone,” Michael Simon writes for Macworld. “The dual camera delivered impressive portraits and lush landscapes, and the battery powered through the busiest of days. In short, it was the best phone I had ever used and I thought it would be a long while before anything topped it.”

“I was wrong. Apple’s iPhone X not only beats the Note 8, it practically makes it seem obsolete,” Simon writes. “I’ve tested a wide array of Android handsets over the past 12 months, and I can confidently say that none are in the same league as Apple’s newest handset.”

“Quite frankly, it’s hard to even describe how much better iPhone X is without using it for a stretch of time, and most Android fans will never get that chance. That’s a shame. It wasn’t until I spent a day or two with iPhone X, going back and forth with the Note 8, Google Pixel 2 XL, and LG V30 that I could see just how much of a triumph it is,” Simon writes. “Even if you could somehow combine the Note 8, Pixel 2 XL, and V30 into a superphone mashup, iPhone X would still come out ahead. From the screen to the design to the camera and chip, iPhone X doesn’t just hold its own against Android’s cream of the crop, it raises the bar considerably for the 2018 models to come.”

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MacDailyNews Take: As we wrote on Monday:

What’s really telling is that in order to even attempt to compete with Apple’s iPhone X, the Android proponent is forced to proffer a collection of Android phones (one with a good camera, another one with a decent display, another one with good battery life, another with a “mesmerizing” finish, etcetera).

Nobody in their right mind would cart around a basketful of fake iPhones in order to poorly approximate everything an iPhone X can do. Of course, anyone who settles for DOG-SLOW, IP-infringing knockoffs of Apple’s revolutionary product that’ve been cobbled together by South Korean dishwasher makers (or worse) is certainly not in their right mind.

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        1. All I am saying is that we already know that it is a great phone. Do we need that much reinforcement ~daily~ to make us feel better about our phone? Isn’t that something Android users do to make themselves feel better about their crap phones? We are better than that.

          Perhaps cover the iPhone X less and other Mac, iOS type stories more.

          1. Since the iPhone X is only just in the process of being released, I think it is entirely appropriate – and also useful – to have a surge of stories.

            And I’ve seen articles that present really different information. They are not just regurgitation of the same basic facts.

            Aaaaaand it’s also just normal marketing. I’m pretty sure there are tens of millions of people who haven’t read a single iPhone X article yet. It takes time to reach all those potential customers… and to reach them repeatedly, because one article doesn’t equal an effective marketing program.

  1. The use of the term obsolete seems a bit extreme. Although iPhone X is a fine smartphone I doubt Wall Street rates it very far above any flagship Android smartphone. iPhone X is not being labeled a game changer or a disrupter like how Amazon or Tesla is always being praised. Of course, that might be due to iPhone X’s relatively high price tag.

    I don’t think stories like these are going to help Apple very much no matter how good iPhone X is. For most consumers of the world, iPhone X is far too expensive to even consider purchasing. Almost every story I read about the iPhone starts or ends with $1000. I don’t see it as a big deal but apparently an awful lot of people do.

      1. Just because any OEM has a $1k phone doesn’t mean that it makes up the lion’s share of their sales over all models they have out at the same time. I’m sure given the choice you proffer, it will depend on how invested the person is in the respective OS ecosystems. It’s not as if the two have fully interchangeable ones.

    1. “For most consumers of the world, iPhone X is far too expensive to even consider purchasing.”

      Apple isn’t aiming to get “most consumers”, Apple is aiming to get the most consumers that are willing to pay the price for the best smartphone on the market.

      iPhone controls >90% of >$500 smartphone market. iPhone controls >86% of TOTAL smartphone profits WORLDWIDE.

      1. Let’s stay humble people. Besides, $1000+ phones are why we have installment plans. Eat in one night more a month and most of the western world can afford an iPhone. If you want the best, you have to pay for it. That being said, the iPhone X is still an accessible luxury.

    2. Check the prices for the Samsung flagship phones and you will find them in the $800-$950 range.

      The iPhone is the better value: 8, 8+, or X

  2. All on its own, the prime reason to avoid Android phones is its OS: Android. It remains the single most dangerous OS currently available. Then add-on Google’s consistently poor vetting of malware in their Play Store. Millions of Android users download and install malware every month. There’s a new Android malware discovery every week.

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