Everything Apple will introduce at tomorrow’s iPhone 8 and iPhone X event

“Tomorrow morning, the collective eyes of the tech world will be laser focused on Apple’s special media event where Tim Cook and co. will introduce a slew of new iPhone models, a next-gen Apple Watch and a completely revamped Apple TV,” Yoni Heisler reports for BGR. “Set to kick off at 10 AM Pacific Time, the event will be the first product introduction held at the underground Steve Jobs Theater on Apple’s new spaceship campus.”

“What makes tomorrow’s special event so interesting, and perhaps a bit less exciting, is that we already know almost everything Apple is planning to introduce. Though Apple does its best to keep product leaks at bay, the biggest leaks we’ve seen in the build-up to tomorrow’s event have, strangely enough, come directly from Apple,” Heisler reports. “A few weeks ago, Apple inadvertently made its HomePod firmware available for public download, and in the process developers managed to unearth a number of interesting tidbits regarding the iPhone 8 and iOS 11. And just this weekend, an Apple employee leaked an iOS 11 GM to 9to5Mac and MacRumors. Before long, developers managed to figure out all sorts of interesting details surrounding the line of products set to debut at tomorrow’s special event.”

Heisler reports, “With that said, let’s dive in and take a look at what Apple will show off to the world tomorrow morning.”

Full review of the major spoilers here.

MacDailyNews Take: Until this event, the biggest leak we can remember was TIME Magazine‘s January 2002 leak of the iMac G4 the night before Steve Jobs was to unveil it at Macworld Expo. And that time, all we saw was the image of the machine with a typically nebulous cover blurb about elegance and affordability (see below).

This year is going to be kind of like listening to a Greatest Hits album. We know what’s coming. We’ve heard it before. So, hopefully, the presentation is perfectly engineered with a new track or two mixed in.

Time Magazine January 14, 2002

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    1. Meh. I can take those things or leave them. Wow! does not automatically equal useful, I am not automatically more interested this time around the AR/VR bush just because it’s Apple instead of someone like Google. I am much more curious about the hardware and OS.

    2. Sorry, but that hasn’t happened since Steve left us. The hardware may offer a decent incremental improvement but so far the rumors have all described features from Samsung phones. Apple Tv might finally gain the capability that Roku and the other streamers have offered for 2 years. Worst of all, we will have to listen to Pipeline Timmy use his worn out superlatives to describe it all.

  1. To be honest with you all I really miss the old iMac design. I loved the way it looked compared to today’s iMacs. That’s simply my opinion. There was just something so cool about the way it functioned and looked all at the same time.

  2. Hey, I told you Apple would eventually use the “X” (ten) thing with iPhone name. 🙂 I few years earlier than I expected…

    AND (also as I said before) there will never be an iPhone XI or 11, for marketing reasons. Going forward, this is a DIFFERENT line of ultra-expensive super-smartphone called “iPhone X.” Apple’s signature product. The current iPhone line continues as the more affordable option named iPhone 8, 8S, 9, 9S… Somewhere along that line (probably before it gets to 9S), this line gets phased out.

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