Cupertino gave Apple last-minute permission to use Steve Jobs Theater for special media event

“It wasn’t much of a secret that Apple would hold its annual iPhone event during the second week of September, as it has the last few years,” Chris O’Brien reports for VentureBeat. “But there was a bit of drama in August surrounding the question of where the event would be held”

“Apple has said employees have been moving into Apple Park since April,” O’Brien reports. “Yet drone videos seemed to indicate that there was still a lot of work being done on the campus, including on the [Steve Jobs Theater]. Would it be completed in time for the iPhone event?”

“When Apple sent out invites on August 31, it confirmed that the September 12 event would be held at the Steve Jobs Theater,” O’Brien reports. “Turns out, this was a close one. According to records from the City of Cupertino, Apple applied on August 8 for a Temporary Occupancy Permit for the theater, which is located at 10501 N Tantau Ave, Cupertino, CA. This permit is essentially a waiver indicating that a structure has been inspected, though some work remains incomplete.”

Apple's Steve Jobs Theater
Apple’s Steve Jobs Theater

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Apple’s contractors pulled it off!


    1. The Steve Jobs Theater looks like a big button – or exactly what Steve Jobs hated!

      What happens when you push “The Big Button?” Does Apple’s spaceship take off? Do all of Apple Park’s toilets flush?

      They should paint the roof bright red and print “Do Not Press” on the sidewalk around it.MacDailyNews, July 13, 2017

      (Brought to you by Carl’s Jr.)

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          I have no doubt that posts often get down voted simply because of the source. I have seen a lot of voting along strict partisan lines, even when the posted content was reasonable and well-supports by fact and logic. So, that doesn’t surprise me at all.

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            Three years later, Nixon was gone and disgraced while McGovern was still the honorable senior senator from the state of South Dakota. An unsung profile in courage.

  1. . . . Which explains why everyone was left for soooo long wondering when (and where) the September event would be.

    The bigger the project, the longer the lag time. When I was studying software project management, one of my professors told us we were all insane.

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