YouTuber Matthew Roberts has posted “Apple Park July 2017 Drone Tour 4K.”

In the new Ultra HD video, you can see the latest construction changes at Apple Park from a drone’s eye view.

Among the highlights are a closer look at Steve Jobs Theater, The Historic Barn, and The Visitor Center.

When it’s finally fully occupied, Apple Park will house more than 12,000 employees in its central four-storied circular building of approximately 2,800,000 square feet. Other Apple employees will be housed in several outbuildings on the site.

Direct link to video here.

MacDailyNews Take: The Steve Jobs Theater looks like a big button – or exactly what Steve Jobs hated!

What happens when you push The Big Button? Does Apple’s spaceship take off? Do all of Apple Park’s toilets flush?

They should paint the roof bright red and print “Do Not Press” on the sidewalk around it.

Apple's Steve Jobs Theater

The Big Button: Apple’s Steve Jobs Theater

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