President Trump advisers Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner set to mingle with Apple CEO Tim Cook, other moguls at Sun Valley conference

“Ivanka Trump and her husband Jared Kushner, both advisors to President Trump, have just decided they will attend the Allen & Co. conference this week in Sun Valley Idaho, FOX Business has confirmed,” Brian Schwartz and Charlie Gasparino report for FOX Business. “The duo will join the likes of media titans including Time Warner CEO Jeff Bewkes, CBS Chairman Les Moonves, as well as a host of billionaires such as Warren Buffett.”

“White House aides confirmed to FOX Business that the couple plans to arrive in Sun Valley late on Wednesday,” Schwartz and Gasparino report. “They are expected to attend Thursday’s leg of the conference alongside power brokers including Shari Redstone of the National Amusements, the holding company that runs CBS and Viacom, financier and Home Depot co-founder Ken Langone, Apple CEO Tim Cook as well as 21st Century Fox Executive Chairman Rupert Murdoch and Executive Chairman Lachlan Murdoch.”

Citing “a senior White House aide,” Schwartz and Gasparino report, “The couple were invited to the conference a few months ago and are official attendees of the event… They may be the most influential guests in attendance since they have the ear of the President of the United States, Donald Trump, at a time when the pace of media-tech mergers is accelerating.”

“Even if the political power couple has no specific agenda pressing with the well-heeled crowd in Sun Valley, being there has a definitive upside for the administration, says GOP political consultant Sam Nunberg,” Schwartz and Gasparino report, “Many of the media and tech executives attending supported Hillary Clinton during the 2016 election. In the case of Bewkes, Time Warner owns CNN, the cable news station President Trump frequently criticizes. He has called out the network for reporting what he believes are ‘fake news’ stories connected to his administration. They could be in Sun Valley to ‘advocate for the administration and continue to build contacts in an anti-republican environment,’ Nunberg said.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Anyone who’s anyone to Sun Valley!

Apple CEO Tim Cook, other tech and media giants gather at Sun Valley retreat – July 6, 2016


    1. 1. You’re nuts.

      2. Imagine if the Dem/Lib/Progs put half as much effort into working to improve the country that they put into their “impeachment” pipe dream.

      1. re 1st…
        Was it improving the country when I served 8 years on active duty? Or when I gave countless volunteer hours to help give Medical Care to uninsured and underinsured Americans? Or gave money to Churches and the YMCA to send kids to Summer Camp that could not afford it? Or fixed and upgraded computers being desposed of by businesses to give to school age kids who did not have one? Or donated to food banks that feed hungry people? Or help build trails for hiking and biking on public land?

        You see, Progressives, Democrats and Liberals -which are not synonymous terms- are not the enemy. We differ as to the policies of this nation but we love it as much as anyone. We serve this nation as much as anyone. And we pay our taxes just like most everybody else.

        Where do we differ from most NeoConservatives and Republicans?
        We want every citizen to be able to vote in a fair election with an open and verifiable counting process.
        We see government as sonething created by We the People to provide services to the nation and it’s citizens.
        We want god out of politics and politics out of the church/temple/mosque/synagogue.
        We do not vilify our neighbor because they look different, worship different or think different than we do.
        We see immigrants as a vital force that is the secret sauce of America- Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak are both the 1st generation children of immigrants.
        We do not seek de facto equality, but demand equity and equal opportunity for every American.

        It was said long ago “America is great because America is good” and the inverse is also true. I am a member of the American Civil Liverties Union because I believe in your rights even as some of your side seek to diminish mine. As long as we are an open, accepting, tolerant and generous society our future will be bright and if we turn from that all of our futures are diminished.

        In politics I oppose policies- not people groups. But I will not fail to call out those who seek to undermine our heritage of democracy and tolerance.

        E pluribus unum – from many one.
        We are one people, one nation, with one common destiny.
        The American story is not “I’ve got mine” it is we are in this together.
        Ask any Soldier or Marine- we win or lose as a team. As family. As citizens. As one people.

        Maybe some day you will figure that out.

      2. Just like the Republicans played so nice in the sandbox over the past 8 years — that’s what you want? Right…

        Your team is going down, dude. ha ha ha

        On the bright side, It could not happen to a nicer group of people. They are such nice, honest, sincere, and caring people. Real Menschen …NOT! Again: ha ha ha on you, mate.

  1. I’m waiting to hear about Jared meeting Bubba the Lifer at Club Fed in the showers. His daddy did a stretch in prison so it should be a familiar and familial routine. The Trumps are making Amurrikuh look like a Third World Banana Republic and make the sleazy Clintons look like upstanding public servants.

    As to the CNN comment, AT&T will soon be the owners of the Clinton News Network and I am hoping they clean house starting with Zucker.

      1. 1. You’re nuts.

        2. Imagine if the Dem/Lib/Progs put half as much effort into working to improve the country that they put into their “impeachment” pipe dream.

        1. you have got to be kidding.. no, just a plain, lying stupid conservative blockhead. The party of no, the party of 1 term president. The party who’s stated goal and objective was to block EVERYTHING Obama attempted. you stupid pile of crap. Ignorant f**k. Just vomit this crap and sit there with that stupid look of your face like it means anything. Sheesh. You are f**kin kidding right?

          No, your not and that’s the sad part.

            1. You actually look at the above chart and still are so stupid, spiteful, racist and just plain idiotic, that you just let that vomit spew out of your addled brain? Really?

              LOL… man oh man. Just lay out your pathetic, dumb ass stupidity for all to see, spread out. Not even going to try to be convincing any more?

              LOL…. the stupid.. it burns…

            2. • The Presidency
              • The Senate
              • The House
              • The Supreme Court
              • The Governorships
              • The State Houses

              YOU are the very definition of “loser.”
              The demise of The Plantation Party is imminent.

            3. The Plantation Party is 0-5 since Trump’s stinging defeat of Felonia Von Pantsuit…the 2018 midterms are going to be absolute carnage. Complete and utter rejection of the globalist marxist ideology of idiots like you.

  2. I don’t give one good goddamn. The good news for those who want to see justice done is that this scandal not only resembles Watergate but also The Godfather — albeit a Godfather where every Corleone is a Fredo and not a single lawyer is as crafty as Tom Hagen. Even their lawyers have lawyers. Sickening and disgusting.

    1. Yup…the kakistocracy rule #1: send your least qualified sycophants(family is even better), to every high level meeting you don’t control, where they will be royally patronised amidst platitudes and the grumbling over a wasted day. Real business will commence when they leave, only for the emporer to declare “Success!”.
      Stupid. Vacuous….and so predictable.

    1. It is Trump, his children, his in-laws, his lawyers, and his varied and assorted henchmen. Plus, it is the Republican Party, too.

  3. Nice to see botvinnik getting the low star ratings he’s receiving. For a while he was boding to take over MDN and his servings of thin gruel are being recognized what they (and his hero) are.

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