Apple’s rumored new glasses will be an even bigger deal than the iPhone

“Apple is reportedly working on a pair of ‘digital glasses,'” Lucy Wang writes for The Insider. “Rumors that the company is developing smart glasses have been around for a while. In 2016, Bloomberg reported that Apple was considering “an expansion into digital glasses” that might use augmented reality (AR), according to an unnamed source.”

“AR glasses are see-through and project computer-generated images over real world objects,” Wang writes. “AR will change the iPhone as we know it — and we’ve already seen incredible examples of how. Again, although Apple has yet to confirm (or deny) that it’s working on a pair of AR glasses, the fact that the company behind the iPhone has expressed obvious interest in both optics technology and AR is huge.”

“Imagine traveling in a new city and seeing giant virtual arrows guiding you to your destination. Or going to the supermarket and seeing food prices or coupon codes pop up as you walk down each aisle. Or measuring the size of your kitchen by scanning the room with your eyes,” Wang writes. “Apple CEO Tim Cook put it best: AR is a ‘profound’ technology — so much so, that it makes him ‘want to yell out and scream.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: Someday, hopefully sooner than later, we’ll look back at holding up slabs of metal and glass to access AR as unbelievably quaint.

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  1. The iPhone was THE convergence device. Remember “convergence”? It was a trendy term for years until the iPhone came around and actually did it.
    Glasses? Everyone wearing glasses? Ok sure, can’t be worse than iPhone zombies walking into shopping mall fountains I guess. But I don’t think it will happen at the scale of the iPhone or anywhere close.

  2. How can a person say this sort of BS without even seeing an actual product? I swear that the same thing was being said about 3D TV before actual products came out. It finally became clear that people really couldn’t stand wearing those 3D glasses. 3D TV never really caught on despite the musings of the jackass prophets saying how it would change how people watch TV. I really hate to listen to people who believe they know how the future is going to turn out.

    There are already enough smartphone zombies everywhere I look. I really hope they don’t take to wearing AR glasses everywhere. Besides, how are they going to text with those glasses? Voice to text?

    I’m sure AR glasses will be nice for those who want them but let’s put this into perspective. As a matter of principle, Apple is going to charge quite a bit for their glasses but there are going to be plenty of cheap knockoffs that are going to give people headaches and probably seizures. I doubt the number of people using AR glasses will be anywhere near the number of people using iPhones. It’s just not going to be that necessary to have them. It’s like how the early sales projections of the AppleWatch weren’t even close to some of the predictions made by the so-called know-it-all prophets. Yeah, one AppleWatch per iPhone. Such BS.

  3. I really, reallly hope Apple doesn’t go this route. After google glass and the glassholes, a lot of appleholes are going to have black and bloody eyes if so. No difference between Google and Apple in this regard. And people shouldn’t be trying to defend Apple on this, for f**ks sake.

    1. 👆Impending dark cloud just rolled in, lol.
      Glasses can go many many routes to success. Gaggle just so happened to throw spaghetti on a wall and it slid off in a dramatic fashion. I am most certain Apple will do it right then gaggle will reverse engineer and give it a better go. That’s how the pattern goes.
      Kinda missed your pessimism TD, not. But welcome back, regardless 😘

  4. Having worn glasses all my life I’m actually qualified to comment on this.

    As long as they are light, durable, easy to keep clean and upgradable (think app on iPhone that updates/configures the glasses like the Apple Watch) then sign me up.

    I would by these like yesterday if they helped my vision using AR!

  5. “Or going to the supermarket and seeing food prices or coupon codes pop up as you walk down each aisle.”
    Nah, that wouldn’t get annoying after about 30 seconds.

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