“Apple Chief Executive Tim Cook this week answered questions surrounding the the reasoning behind ARKit and the new HomePod announced during the WWDC keynote, calling the new speaker a ‘breakthrough’ and Apple’s ARKit’s impact ‘profound,'” Mike Wuerthele reports for AppleInsider.

“Speaking with Bloomberg shortly after the WWDC keynote, Cook fielded an assortment of questions, mostly discussing the new product release, and Apple’s future plans,” Wuerthele reports. “‘What we’ve tried to do is build something that is breakthrough speaker first,’ said Cook, responding to a question about why people should buy the $349 HomePod over Amazon’s cheaper Echo… ‘I think when people listen to it, they’re going to be shocked over the quality of the sound, and of course it does a number of other things,’ Cook said, talking about Siri controls on the device. ‘We wanted a really high quality audio, as well.'”

“Cook was asked about what Apple watchers could read into Apple’s implementation of the HomePod, and what could be gleaned about future products from it,” Wuerthele reports. “Cook warned to not try to tell the future from one product, and the HomePod stands on its own, and is a logical part of Apple’s evolution.”


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MacDailyNews Take: Apple, being Apple, was required to offer high quality audio or they would not be able to be market or sell the product.

We just can’t ship junk. – Steve Jobs

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