U.S. Senator Warner: Tech regulation is coming, ‘the era of the wild west in social media is coming to an end’

“To Sen. Mark Warner, it’s not a question of whether Congress will regulate the tech industry but when,” Ian Sherr reports for CNET. “The Virginia Democrat, who’s the vice chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee and one of the more outspoken lawmakers on tech issues, told Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg and Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey that he’s not convinced the tech industry can tackle election interference and bad behavior on their own. ‘The era of the wild west in social media is coming to an end,’ said he said during testimony Wednesday. ‘Where we go from here is an open question.'”

“Warner said in an interview he was also pleased his colleagues stepped up their game, coming to the hearing far more prepared than their colleagues did in April,” Sherr reports. “He was also disappointed with Google, which didn’t attend the hearing, despite an invitation being sent to its cofounder and parent company’s CEO Larry Page. ‘Google made a huge mistake by not attending our hearing,’ he said. ‘And all that will do is simply raise questions about certain areas beyond even Russian interference, that people want to ask questions on.'”

Some snippets from Senator Warner after Sandberg and Dorsey’s testimony concluded:

We have First Amendment rights in our country, but you can’t scream fire in a crowded theater. So, I think even the most zealous advocates of free speech, would realize there has to be some guard rails so you don’t scream fire, you don’t put up a sign that says go kill your neighbor, if he or she’s a Muslim.

Further up the food chain, do you allow a site to go out and say that Sandy Hook was all a hoax and I’m going to go ahead and print the parents addresses so that they are all harassed and threaten violence and many of these families have had to move and change their identity? You know, it’s not as clear cut. But, clearly they feel like the platform companies have thought some of that messaging was over the top. Now, that’s where that’s where we’ll have a debate and of course, we won’t get it 100 percent right at first, but there will at least be some innovation going on.

I don’t think we can completely rely upon simply the goodwill of the corporate shareholders or the management of these companies.

Because these companies have got such massive market domination, right now, I’m hesitant again, to intervene and possibly cut off American innovation, because right behind them, as we know, not sure most Americans realize, there are Chinese equivalents who are rapidly approaching the same size and scope and they will come with no protections. So that’s why I’m more willing to focus on changes like price transparency, like data portability, that really don’t get us into the First Amendment realm.

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: You knew that was coming, too.

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    1. Well, when you have several social media companies playing politics and censoring conservative voices in collusion with each other on the same day, this is long overdue.

      I continue to be amazed you are not outraged and speaking out about conservative censorship and discrimination! Instead, you support it?

      The icing on the cake is a Democrat leads the charge. Just kills you, right? …

      1. Trumps’ mouth flaps often and wildly and he has about the “tech” socials…but he hasn’t brought the conversation to specific law enforcement. Warner has.

        The socials are a “service” and they don’t want to bake the same cake for one as another.

        1. Elizabeth Warren grew up dirt poor in small-town Oklahoma and raised herself into a professorship at America’s most prestigious law school as the country’s leading expert on bankruptcy law and financial regulation. Mark Warner was just another kid from Indianapolis until he founded his own venture capital firm and earned $200 million or so, making him the wealthiest US Senator. What, besides learning to play “Dueling Banjos” while sitting on your porch, have you accomplished? Learning to check facts before spouting off certainly isn’t on the list.

          1. Her family told her she does. There is no outside evidence, but that isn’t unusual in Oklahoma (my grandmother was born there when it was still Indian Territory). So, I don’t know. Neither do you.

            1. Why bother? Nobody other than a racist would care. It is utterly irrelevant to Kent’s claim that she never worked a day in her life. She has worked and accomplished a lot more than either of you. You don’t have to agree with her politics to see that.

              Claiming otherwise is right up there with the notion that the self-made millionaire who has become the richest US Senator is a communist. Admittedly, he isn’t a Nazi, which seems to have become the new standard for “very nice people.”

              The truth has value. Lies devalue the truth and stress the fragile bonds that hold society together. Your prevarications are profoundly uncivil, inhumane, and unAmerican.

            2. “The truth has value. Lies devalue the truth and stress the fragile bonds that hold society together.”

              Exactly. That’s why it is important to know the heritage of the potential future presidential candidate and whether or not she is trustworthy.

              So why are you defending her and act like it doesn’t matter? Answer: you apply totally different standards to both parties. On one side you are full bore everyday holding their feet to the fire. On the other side it’s all polite excuses and downplaying political fallout everyday. Like I mentioned earlier, fairness is NOT in your playbook.

              The prime example of your partisan hypocrisy is in almost two years of President Trump with blowout record economic numbers, stock market, etc. and not one word of praise, or at the very least acknowledgement of government numbers.

              In fact, you defiantly went in the opposite direction posting several times you would never give the president one word of approval no matter what he does. That is unhealthy, batsh*t highly partisan and totally dishonest.

              Please preach to us again Minster of Truth about standards and scoundrels while ignoring your own actions. If pointing out brutal truth is “uncivil” to you — so be it …

            3. “That’s why it is important to know the heritage of the potential future presidential candidate and whether or not she is trustworthy. So why are you defending her and act like it doesn’t matter?”

              Because it doesn’t matter. Her performance as a public servant is not dependent on her ancestry.

              That’s why people rarely make a big deal about Donald Trump’s telling people as late as 1987, when he was 41, that his grandparents were Swedish. The claim even appears in early copies of Art of the Deal. It seems that he and his father Fred were afraid that Jews wouldn’t rent from a German because… well, everybody knows how racist THEY are. (/s)

              There is no evidence—none—to suggest that Senator Warren did not believe her mother’s stories about being taunted as a half-breed while growing up. We all tend to accept those family stories on faith and repeat them to our own children. It isn’t lying to say something you believe to be true, even if it later turns out to be unprovable. I used to tell people I was related to Robert E. Lee because that was a family legend. I still might be, but I stopped telling the story when I couldn’t find any evidence to support (or deny) it.

              The evidence of Trump’s ancestry was all over the house and in every family document, so it is hard to believe that he didn’t know that his grandparents were both from the same town in Germany. In fact, Fred was an “anchor baby” born to a non-citizen mother who entered through “chain migration.”

              By the way, claiming that I ever said that I would not give Trump credit for any real accomplishment he managed to achieve is absolutely a lie. I said exactly the opposite. If you claim otherwise, prove it. You can’t, because you have the same regard for the truth as your Swedish Leader.

            4. Oh, forgot. You definitely said several times you would not give credit to the president for his accomplishments, which there are so many I don’t where to start. If you are going to play this dishonest game that I did save the posts, puhleeze!

              I also remember vividly where you claimed to be a “straight white male conservative” and noticed you did not deny it, SAME thing.

              Hey, whatever I am certainly not as tedious, uptight and serious as you. Live a little …

            5. You can’t “find the posts” because they never existed. They are a part of your continuing paranoid fantasy that anyone who disagrees with any of Donald J. Trump’s notions must be an irrational left-wing hater. Projection is a powerful psychological force.

              I don’t hate Trump. He isn’t worth thinking about at all. I do hate his policies, because I believe they are turning America from a shining city on a hill into a poor imitation of Oceania in 1984. I have said here, repeatedly, that I would be glad to praise a positive Trump accomplishment if I ever saw one. I have yet to see one after nearly forty years of watching his antics.

              Yes, I am a straight, white, conservative Republican. I can’t help it if you don’t believe me. I have no idea if you really are what you appear to be. As Queen Elizabeth I pointed out, “We do not have windows into men’s souls.” All we can know is what men do and say. You are the one who has defended Bill Cosby, Alex Jones, and the racist Denny’s managers as innocent victims of political correctness. Nobody who upheld the pre-Trump ideals of conservatism and Republicanism could ever possibly have done that.

            6. TXUSER: “I have said here, repeatedly, that I would be glad to praise a positive Trump accomplishment if I ever saw one. I have yet to see one after nearly forty years of watching his antics.”

              OK, this article on MDN was posted Friday. “President Trump created a tremendous U.S. economic boom” Friday, September 7, 2018 2:56 pm

              Just checked all the comments and did not see a single one from you, wonder why? 🙈


              “Not a surprise “President Donald Trump is more than 19 months into an administration engulfed in so much controversy that it may overshadow a tremendous achievement, namely an economic boom uniquely his,” Jeff Cox writes for CNBC.

              USER note his accomplishment “uniquely his” and CNBC is not Fox News.

              “During his time in office, the economy has achieved feats most experts thought impossible.

              USER note “most experts thought impossible.” Remarkable.

              “GDP is growing at a 3 percent-plus rate. The unemployment rate is near a 50-year low. Meanwhile, the stock market has jumped 27 percent amid a surge in corporate profits.”

              USER note the remarkable numbers for a first time, unprecedented politician.

              “Friday brought another round of good news: Nonfarm payrolls rose by a better-than-expected 201,000 and wages, the last missing piece of the economic recovery, increased by 2.9 percent year over year to the highest level since April 2009. That made it the best gain since the recession ended in June 2009,” Cox writes.”

              USER note again the remarkable e economic numbers and on the same day they came out Obama’s out abandoning presidential tradition, trashing the president and taking credit for the economic recovery. I almost fell out of my chair hearing the obfuscation and misinformation. Nothing more than playing pure politics for Democrats in November. Exactly what you do here.

              “Even critics of the president “acknowledge that the current numbers are a uniquely Trumpian achievement and not owed to policies already set in motion when he took office.”

              USER note “and not owed to policies already set in motion when he took office.” That means this is NOT Obama’s recovery that the narcissist has been claiming. Also note “uniquely Trumpian achievement.” Beautiful and totally understand that just kills you. Also, “Even critics of the president acknowledge” EXCEPT YOU. Hey, it’s not to late.

              “Indeed, the economy does seem to be on fire, and it’s fairly easy to draw a straight line from Trump’s policies to the current trends,” Cox writes.

              USER note economy “on fire.” On fire, WOOHOO!

              “Business confidence is soaring, in part thanks to a softer regulatory environment. Consumer sentiment by one measure is at its highest level in 18 years.”

              USER note confidence numbers “highest level in 18 years” and “soaring” that includes everyone like yourself, fellow liberal activists, media, Democratic Party that work everyday to UNDERMINE the president and great economic recovery.

              “Corporate profits, owed in good part to last year’s tax cuts, are coming close to setting records. Each of those accomplishments can be tied either directly to new policies or at least indirectly through a brimming sense of hope from businesses that the White House is back on their side.”

              USER note the confidence and soon to be record numbers from the business community. You know, the number one bogeyman of the Democrats that ran for cover from high taxes and regulations the last eight years. Also note “brimming sense of hope” and under president Trump we finally have REAL HOPE and CHANGE. Not phony pandering sloganeering.

              “GDP most recently gained 4.2 percent in the second quarter, the best performance in nearly four years.”

              USER note “best performance “ of half of Obama’s presidency in LESS than two years.

              “At the same time, the unemployment rate is 3.9 percent, just one-tenth of a percentage point above the lowest level since 1969, Cox writes.”

              USER note lowest unemployment since 1969 the LAST year the federal government balanced the budget and did not run a deficit. Simply remarkable!!!Unbelievable! Page one news! No Democrat achieved this in 49 years!

              “The end of June saw 6.7 million job openings and just 6.6 million Americans classified as unemployed, an unprecedented imbalance…”

              USER note “unprecedented.”

              “With midterm elections fast approaching, Trump’s economic record will be front and center. The strong performance could bolster Republicans’ hopes as the GOP tries to hold onto control of both the House and the Senate.”

              USER as it should be. Good work and policies from this administration rightly DESERVE just results and recognition.

              USER much more in the full article.

              BOTTOM LINE: USER please tell us you still cannot locate one positive accomplishment from President Donald J. Trump. It’s colder here and raining for days on end — could really use a good belly laugh …

            7. “They are a part of your continuing paranoid fantasy that anyone who disagrees with any of Donald J. Trump’s notions must be an irrational left-wing hater.”

              The only “continuing paranoid fantasy” is your relentless hate for the president.

              “Yes, I am a straight, white, conservative Republican.”

              You LIE, simple as that. All your supporters here are far left wing and that speaks volumes. You have so far ZERO positive things to say about our president and his party. Not once have you talked like a conservative. Please stop insulting our intelligence.

              “You are the one who has defended Bill Cosby”

              You LIE again. I cleared that up in a post to you not long ago. Please pay attention, agree with the crime and verdict. Please stop spreading lies.

              “Alex Jones, and the racist Denny’s managers as innocent victims of political correctness.”

              I defend Alex Jones the same as I defend vile hate speech from the left peddled for profit. You need to look up the definition of hypocrisy. I don’t defend Denny’s except in your mind …

  1. I don’t think that social media is the fundamental problem. The real problem is that in recent years society has become bitterly divided and people are reacting in extreme manners to relatively minor issues.

    There has also been a systematic and cynical attempt to undermine the concept of truth and expert knowledge. Lying is considered to be acceptable by some people and it doesn’t even have to be a credible lie any more.

    Obviously social media allows people to communicate instantly, but the voices of intolerance are drowning out more measured voices. Maybe part of it is that controversial incidents become newsworthy and the best way to hit the headlines is to be outrageous?

    It’s not just the news media either, you only have to glance at the hatred frequently exhibited on this site over quite trivial topics to realise that there is something seriously wrong with some people.

    I don’t know the answer, but I do know that people need to be less hot-headed, keep a sense of proportion and allow wise counsels to prevail.

    1. who are the “some people” that consider lying “acceptable?”

      who are the “some people” that have something “seriously wrong?”

      I ask with in the context of your post, because it fits/can fit to your position. It’s the people/group on the “other side” of the fence that carry the aberrance you note? Do you, or “your group” have the similar tendency, or does the propensity reside mostly the “other guys.”

      Whenever I read such a declaration, I presume the latter. Humans have “that” tendency, but very often w/o the realization that’s what they’re thinking.

      Also, to wish “wise counsels” prevail is a desirable aim, but it’s full of assumption and, perhaps symptomatic of the “fundamental problem” you note?

      To what branch of the wisdom tree do I need to ascribe, per your perspective?
      Is there a singular scale of “truth” that’s been determined as expert knowledge?

      B/c you use the phrase, you position yourself able to determine such for all.

    1. The 1st Amendment prevents Congress from making any law respecting an establishment of religion, prohibiting the free exercise of religion, or abridging the freedom of speech, the freedom of the press, the right to peaceably assemble, or to petition for a governmental redress of grievances. It says nothing about regulation private forums for speech. Newspapers don’t have to let every voice be heard in their pages. It’s just that Congress cannot restrict newspapers from saying what they want. I assume the same would go for social media. Radio and television stations only have to give equal time to political candidates and campaign representatives, but that is based on an FCC rule, not the Constitution. The Fairness Doctrine required stations to give opposing points of view on matters of public importance, but that too was based on an FCC rule, not the Constitution, and it was eleminated in 1987.

      1. It’s a tongue and cheek comment that this Tech regulation, from what I understand (and I could be wrong) applies only to the United States and not other countries. I hope that clears it up.

  2. I don’t have the chops to figure this out, but we need to develop a better way to have a public persona. Right now we have to expose our actual emails/address/phone number. What if we could have something like ApplePay where we could give corporations a temporary ID that we could delete at our discretion? Somehow we need a way to create a more robust online presence than we have now.

  3. I despise the Democrats this is probably the first thing that ever agreed with them on. American social media companies are pieces of shit all of them. There is absolutely no need for any of them and all the best thing we could do is get rid of social media it’s destroying the world but be that as it may that won’t happen so regularly the shit out of them and force all of them out of business

    1. No way. Trump can continue to say whatever he pleases. He’s the President, he doesn’t need Twitter at all, he has a press secretary that every media outlet avidly follows. The slight difference might be that funneling his ideas through traditional press conferences isn’t as spontaneous, and robs us all of his impulsive rants at three o’clock in the morning, and of his transient brainstorms after binge-watching recorded Fox News segments. This is science at is finest — a living laboratory of the thoughts of a powerful politician. Until Trump, politicians made political calculations, held their cards close to their vests. That’s old-school now. Political calculations are out, blatant pandering to special interests is in. Liberals, however, need not fear extermination. They are protected by the Constitution, and by the need for an endless supply of straw men.

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