Apple plans several Apple Premium Reseller flagships in key to drive sales in India

“With Apple’s plan to open company-owned stores on the back-burner pending government approval, the iPhone maker is going with the next best option: bigger franchisee outlets at key locations in metropolitan cities,” Rasul Bailay and Writankar Mukherjee report for The Economic Times. “”

“These 5-6 franchisee-run outlets will each be at least three times larger than the current, 1,000-squarefoot stores and may even go up to 5,000 square foot, three senior industry executives said,” Bailay and Mukherjee report. “The ‘Flagship Apple Premium Reseller’ outlets will become a ‘stepdown’ version of the iconic company-owned Apple Retail Stores and will come up in ‘extremely prominent locations’ as anchor shops in malls and high-street shopping areas, the executives said.”

“The company currently has about 150 franchisee run Apple Premium Reseller stores in India, which are up to 1,500 square feet in area,” Bailay and Mukherjee report. “One such franchise holder said the flagship stores will come up in New Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru and Chennai, which are Apple’s biggest markets in India, and later in Hyderabad and Pune.”

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MacDailyNews Take: On paper, better store experiences that offer more consistent service should help sales in India. Apple has a long row to hoe. That said:

Do not count Apple out of any market at any time.MacDailyNews, July 25, 2018

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    1. You are consistent with the “India Sucks” mindset and Apple should abort it’s efforts there.
      So, I will conclude; Apple management is foolish, dumb and is w/o your wisdom?

  1. Apple doesn’t sell $150 smartphones, so it’s probably a waste of time. They’re not worried about taking risks in India which you can tell by the way consumers are always train-surfing everywhere they go, so Android OS will be considered as perfectly safe to use. I honestly can’t imagine what Apple expects in terms of sales in India. Android smartphones already have 98% market share in India and that can only go higher. I think the consumer has already decided what they’re going to buy in the future.

    1. Not too many years ago the same type of negativity was aimed towards China. But, years later, the Chinese market has become quite important to Apple in terms of iOS product sales.

      You have to consider the fact that India currently has a population on the order of 1.35B. The U.S. is around 326M. That is a factor of 4.1. Therefore, even if the total wealth and distribution of wealth in India greatly constrains the fraction of the population capable of affording an iPhone, that factor of four still makes India a viable and potentially lucrative market.

      Furthermore, even if Apple only breaks even in the area (or possibly even loses money in the short run), that may be a worthwhile investment from the big picture sense to fight back against Android.

      1. Comparing India to China and America is wrong and patently misleading. China has manufacturing capacity that India dont have and will never have. China assembles and produces the Apple Gear that India will never be able to replicate. Nor does India have America’s design and development ability. Apple to too good for the Indian Market which is well suited for the cheap Android. Also With 1+ billion population, India should develop its own mobile Operating system and own hand sets (hardware) where are these tech savvy Indians from the population of 1 billion +. How come they are not pushing their weight and have their own independent mobile system? These bunch of underachievers is sitting on their back sides and doing nothing. As for the brainless Pro Indians, take a look at this

  2. or is that meant to portray the citizenry of India as “not-so-bright?”

    Or, maybe you are just bringing to light that it’s one the country’s sporting favorites, like Cricket, that has yet to be embraced as an official Olympic sport?

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