One year with Apple’s 10.5-inch iPad Pro: The ideal worker’s tablet

“It’s been about a year since Apple released the 10.5″ iPad Pro, the first iPad to ever sport a 10.5-inch screen, and I’ve gotta say, it’s almost perfect,” Malcolm Owen writes for AppleInsider. “Apple slimmed the bezels and slightly enlarged the frame of a traditional 9.7-inch iPad to fit a larger screen, making it more sleek and modern compared to other models in the range, even the similar-specification 12.9-inch iPad Pro.”

“Apple started marketing the iPad Pro as a notebook replacement after the release of iOS 11,” Owen writes. “Given some of the features it introduced around the time, Apple was right to be confident it could handle the workload.”

“Two of the most important software based features are a Mac-style app dock and drag-and-drop support, two additions that work perfectly together,” Owen writes. “The new Files app should take the most credit for making iPad Pro a notebook replacement. As the first true iOS file manager, Files lets users can store, organize and manage many different file types from a central location. ”

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MacDailyNews Take: Yup.

As our own SteveJack remarked seconds after Apple’s Craig Federighi unveiled iOS 11’s new features (namely, Multi-Touch Drag and Drop, the new Dock, and the Files app):

Finally, the promise of iPad is realized.SteveJack, MacDailyNews, June 5, 2017

It’s a three-way combination of the Files app, the new Dock (the way it always should have been) and Multi-Touch Drag and Drop that truly, finally makes iPad a viable notebook replacement for many use cases. — MacDailyNews, September 20, 2017

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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

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    1. Right, a 10.5″, stripped down, battery driven tablet computer is a replacement for a laptop that can have much larger screens, built in keyboards that put any tablet keyboard to shame, with full scale software. Why do we keep doing this.

      Why. A tablet is not a replacement for a Mac. If it is for you, you never needed a Mac in the first place.

      1. “If it is for you, you never needed a Mac in the first place.”
        THIS! 🙂 Many who bought their first Mac a few years ago -never needed a Mac-! There wasn’t something else that they felt could fulfill their needs any better than a Mac at the time. Many of those same folks are walking into Apple Stores today, looking for an upgrade, and happily walking out with an iOS device.

        An iOS device is currently is NOT a replacement for a laptop with larger screens, built in keyboards and full scale software. But, for a user that’s only using that laptop to surf the web, check email and update facebook, they may make the statement that iOS CAN REPLACE MY LAPTOP. And it can, but that user never needed a laptop in the first place. Most people don’t!

      2. The title of the article says “worker’s tablet” That’s an oxymoron.

        While WA as always attempts to convince us that iOS is all you need, a thin client and a tiny screen for your Big Brother to serve you consumer grade solutions inside a walled garden, the truth is that the productive workers of the world need stuff that tablets do not and will not soon ever have: versatility, connectivity, repairability, privacy, security, ergonomics, power, ….

        People who make do with iOS as their only OS are missing out, and they actually do know it. The only reason tablets ever sold at all is because it looked like an economical choice. There is nothing consumers like better than cheap stuff. Then after trying it, they discovered the limitations and the false bargain tablets represent for productive work. Oh sure, you can cobble together a workflow that incorporates iOS as one piece, but you will never be as efficient as when you have macOS or Windows machines doing the heavy lifting. Well, no, not just the heavy lifting -any work. Even for simple tasks like taking notes, text edits on proper desktop OSes like Windows or macOS is infinitely faster and easier than with a filthy goddamned touch screen.

  1. My iPad Pro is a delight. Don’t care about any new Face I.D. models. This one is fast and does everything I need extremely well. Will it replace a new MBP, Mac Book, iMac or Mac Pro….?


    Ultimately the one thing that excites me most about all of Apple’s product line (when they are firing on all cylinders instead of missing a couple and misfiring on others) is still the Mac. The Mac makes my creativity soar in ways nothing else does, try as it may. The Mac is still the very heart of Apple and must remain healthy and beating.

    1. I am *slightly* disappointed with my 12 in iPad Pro.
      I had hoped to actually do some development in Swift Playgrounds.
      Plain text editing (properly selecting text) is a pain compared to how easy it is on the Mac.
      Swift Playgrounds are (richer than and) not compatible with XCode Playgrounds, and it is not straightforward to switch back and forth from iOS to Mac with the same playground.
      What a shame.
      And it seems not possible to make stand-alone apps and little games using iOS’s Swift Playgrounds. That, in itself, would greatly complement the Swift Learn to code, and it would hugely attract youngsters to develop their own games.
      Now they switch to Android and Scratch lookalikes to write their first killer animation and then killer game.

      1. Mine is for reading, video and mostly entertainment. I’m just an old fashioned soul who gestalt his real work done on my Macs. Waiting on 3 years plus to replace my very old Mac Pro. Using an upgraded 2010 Mac Pro in the interim. Might still go the PC Workstation route. The 2013 Mac Pro was a non-starter for me and many other pros. The iMac Pro not upgradeable enough and mostly another closed box Apple is so fond of making thereby screwing pro users who don’t want to be closed in.

        I would think using an iPad for development WOULD be a pain compared to doing it on the Mac but I know what you’re saying. Despite all of Apple’s newer products nothing still excites me more than a properly designed Mac. I wish it still excited Apple.

  2. The iPad Pro cannot replace a computer, Mac or other Brand, until you can have more than one document open at the same Time In the same App ( ie. Pages & Numbers ). The App Notability can open two documents in split screen. What’s wrong with Apple. Are they not smart enough?

  3. They are not Apple Computer any more, it’s just Apple Inc. First zap any and all ports, then virtualize the keyboard. Apple Dongle Corporation.

  4. When any iPad can let me sort, crop, and tone 1500 high school football pictures in about three hours, and upload those final images to my website – and do this day after day – then maybe an iPad will do what my MBP already does for me.

  5. The comments are always “THE IPAD CAN’T REPLACE A COMPUTER UNTIL !”

    Most of the commenters here may not like to think so, but they are the exceptional ones, the above average, the people that utilize their computers up to and beyond their abilities… like the “trucks” they are. The vast majority are starting to come to the realization that an iPad will fit their meager needs perfectly well. When you add the fact that those devices offer an option of an always-on connection, (no need to go find a coffee shop or other free wifi source) it becomes a VERY attractive prospect for them.

    Exceptional people will always need exceptional systems. It’s my opinion that while Apple is certainly capable of making these kinds of exceptional systems, they’re not very interested in producing and providing these systems anymore.

  6. You and other Apple worship sites crack me up. You all said FOR YEARS that the iPad doesn’t need a file manager, that only laptops need file managers, that expos My the file system is so outdated, etc..and now iPad adds a file manager and you’re all like “Yay, Apple is so smart to think of this!!” Oh please.

    I’ll go back to my touch tablet with full file system, the one that can do everything a laptop can do, only better. Been using it for 4 years, long before Apple even attempted a meager version of the same on the iPad. That’s the real world outside of Apple-colored glasses.

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