A growing group of users are finding their Apple Watches indispensable

“When the Apple Watch launched in 2015, it wasn’t exactly clear who, or what, it was for,” Mike Murphy writes for Quartz. “But a growing group of users have found them indispensable.”

“You might’ve noticed that the person who took your order at the bar, brought you the shoes you wanted to try on, or perhaps even patted you down at the airport security line, is sporting an Apple Watch, which starts at $329 for the newest Series 3,” Murphy writes. “And there’s a pretty simple explanation: Many service-industry jobs where employees have to be on their feet all day don’t allow workers to check their phones while they’re on the clock. But that rule doesn’t necessarily apply to a piece of unobtrusive jewelry that happens to let you text your friends and check the weather.”

Apple Watch Series 3 (GPS + Cellular)
Apple Watch Series 3 (GPS + Cellular)

Quartz spoke with airline attendants, bartenders, waiters, baristas, shop owners, and (very politely) TSA employees who all said the same thing: The Apple Watch keeps them in touch when they can’t be on their phones at work,” Murphy writes. “Apple has increasingly been pushing the watch as a health device, and seems to have moved away from marketing it as one that offers more basic utility, as Apple continues do with the iPhone. But given that roughly 23% of the US labor force works in wholesale or retail operations, perhaps it’s a market Apple should reconsider.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Apple Watch is your clandestine connection and big league iPhone battery-saver wrapped fashionably around your wrist!

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  1. I disagree completely with that comment the Apple Watch is a convenience for very few apps like mail, text messages, now phone calls, a weather app and music that’s about it. It’s hardly in dispensable.

    1. What would be indispensable to u ?
      Do u own Applewatch?

      Let me complete your list !
      It’s a notification device
      It’s a communication device .. messaging and even phone if u choose to.
      It’s a music device
      It’s and emergancy/SOS device
      It’s a health monitoring device
      It’s a fitness tracking device..
      Its a calander
      It’s a reminder

      APPLE-PAY and APPLE-WATCH are a DYNAMITE DUO .. as sweet as paying expeiance can be ! LOVE IT !

      Its a Stop Watch.
      Oh ya it is a watch too ..lol

      And that is just a part of what comes standard on it..
      (No 3rd party app included in the list above.)

      I dont think u have too much experience with Apple watch given your post

      To me, It is a HUGE Anchor , keeping me in the Apple Ecosys!
      My favorite Apple product at the moment !

  2. are more rugged. People seeking fitness, or living lives of fitness are out and about..not looking at the step-count on their device. I’d like to try the A-Watch, but it lacks the characteristics of the true fitness watch (Polar, Suunto and some others), that are built for a rougher experience.
    Building two options would be business viable. One for the gallery/fashion crowd and one for fitness/health/outdoor sport enthusiast. There’s nothing that Suunto/Polar do that Apple couldn’t wouldn’t match/advance. It’s not likely though as Jonae Ihve would see it as unrefined/uncouth.

    1. Never heard of those other brands, it makes no sense for Apple to create a separate product line to cater to the miniscule “true fitness watch” market. Most “fitness/health/outdoor sport enthusiasts” who care about tech already own an Apple Watch, a tiny fraction will buy a specialty watch if they need it.

    2. Im pretty outdoorsy i think …..i windsurf and kiteboard in the ocean and waves , in pretty rough/rugged/harsh and varied conditions and environments.. (sand, saltwater, rocks, kelp waves.. cold wind.. cold water . …equipment….
      And getting banged and tossed around frequently.
      Add on top hot yoga..
      Occasional dirtbiking..
      Apple Watch has not failed me once.. it’s a tough
      I have been wearing the sport version from the getgo.. and have upgraded to every new version since .
      (Yes even the original one was waterproof enough)
      You should try one.. looks can be deceiving .

  3. I have an Apple Watch and I must say after decades of having my wrists unadorned it is nice to wear a watch again. However there are a few issues – for one thing it thinks touches from my leather jacket sleeve are the human touch and that bloody Breath app keeps annoying me despite setting reminders to “none” on the iPhone Watch app.
    I also think the fitness app gives people a false sense of achievement. Exercise is above and beyond my normal daily activities but maybe for fat lazy Americans getting out of bed and walking to the kitchen IS exercise?

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