How to block Facebook completely from your Mac

“We’ve shared plenty of tips on how to delete Facebook, remove third-party apps, control privacy settings, and delete bulk content. But what if you want to go even further?” Andrew Orr writes for The Mac Observer. “It turns out we can, and we can block Facebook completely by editing the hosts file.”

“In this guide we’ll be adding Facebook-owned domains to the hosts file, which will block them from our system,” Orr writes. “This is important because even if you deleted your Facebook account, Facebook can still track you around the web like Google does via its advertising platform.”

“So only go through with this guide if you deleted your Facebook account and want nothing more to do with it,” Orr writes. “This is basically the scorched earth nuclear option.”

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    1. It’s more complicated than that. As the article points out:
      …Even if you deleted your Facebook account, Facebook can still track you around the web like Google does via its advertising platform.

      There is the concept of The Evercookie. With time, the ways to establish an evercookie have expanded. Even with all traceable data wiped off your device, comparison of currently available data from your browser to previous data can theoretically identify you individually. Therefore, to be thorough, further strategies are required to establish anonymity. These include using a reliable VPN, encrypted DNS queries (if your VPN doesn’t already provide the service), using the TOR Onion network, faking your browser identity and your device MAC ID. Obviously, that’s beyond any average user’s comprehension or abilities. It also slows down your bandwidth and may tick off more totalitarian dickhead ISPs. And there may we’ll be further ID factors to mitigate.

      My general philosophy is to balance security strategies with plain old confusing, mixed up internet behavior to annoy the marketing parasites, which of course can be a source of fun and retribution, if you’re into such things. 😉

    2. The last thing they care about is your name and if you think you have to tell them where you work or go to school for them to know you are kidding yourself. Location data of your device and where you go on the web as well as what you search for. The are building highly accurate profiles even if you tell them nothing accurate about you.

    3. That’s not effective. If you value privacy, you need to firewall Facebook and other underhanded analytics firms. They have a dossier on you whether you have an account or not.

  1. The alternative for me would email but it’s anachronistic since most of my artists friends use FB. Some of my friends are moving to I think I may but my ability to communicate would suffer.

  2. I had to use nano because the TextEdit process never unlocked the file at /private/etc/hosts while running the latest beta Mac OS. Now is there other web lists for Google and the other social media animals who also track our every move?

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