How Facebook made it impossible to delete Facebook

“To say Facebook has had a rough time of it lately would be putting it mildly,” Aja Romano writes for Vox. “Between fake news, falling stock, and glaring data breaches, the social media giant is in the middle of a public reckoning (and a self-reassessment) that is perhaps long overdue.”

“But Facebook users, in the middle of what seems to be a moment of broader cultural backlash against social media and technology, are also clearly grappling with the ramifications of their use of the platform,” Romano writes. “Since reports of Cambridge Analytica’s massive harvest of Facebook user data surfaced last week, multiple media outlets have responded by reminding an agitated public that they do have options for deleting their Facebook accounts.”

“However, this emphasis fails to take into account both Facebook’s position in modern society and the stakes involved for anyone who chooses to leave a network that has spent more than a decade trying to make leaving it impossible,” Romano writes. “There are three main reasons most people can’t just up and leave Facebook, and they all serve to illustrate the extent to which Facebook has altered the landscape of our digital lives.”

1) Facebook is technologically embedded within a vast web of interconnected third-party apps and social media platforms
2) For many people, using Facebook regularly is a required part of their job or education
3) Facebook is, for better and worse, a tangible tie holding many people to their communities

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MacDailyNews Take: If you feel that you cannot #DeleteFacebook, you’ve got bigger problems than Facebook selling your personal data and profiles to the highest bidder.

We haven’t had personal FaceBook accounts for many years now. And happily so.MacDailyNews, May 11, 2017

Beyond the privacy aspect, Facebook is Creepster Central. It’s a Narcissists’ Paradise. In general, yuck. — MacDailyNews, March 27, 2015

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “BD” and “Judge Bork” for the heads up.]


    1. Yet because you are protected by MDN you are too chicken shit to call out MDN for being a Google addict.

      When are you going to drop your nasty little habit MDN?

      When are Apple users going to demand that Apple deletes its FB and Google affiliations?

        1. The real mind suck is Words With Friends. More addictive than Facebook, it squanders our time and diverts us from taking proper care of ourselves. I haven’t cleaned house in ages, and eat out of cans. I only post here when my WWF adversaries are all otherwise occupied. I blame you, botvinnik, for turning me into Miss Havisham.

      1. As usual, a misleading cut-n-paste cartoon that has nothing to do with reality,

        If I remember correctly, someone here pasted a screen shot of the Obama app which had clearly given the user full disclosure.

        First Then Whatever: are you capable of providing a screen shot of any Trump media affiliate that includes a privacy disclaimer?

        Until you do, your cute cartoon will only serve to signal what a lying misleading partisan propagandist you are. Amazing how you don’t even have the brain cells to distinguish between Trump malware and a fully vetted Apple App that included disclosures of privacy and user policty with it.

        To blame mainstream media is your weak smoke screen. Admit reality for once.

    1. Seeing as Steve Bannon became a VP at Cambridge Analytics and the Mercers gave the company $15 MILLION to mind f-k the US citizenry into voting for Alt-Right causes, including The Trump… I’d say all of this is permanently entangled with The Trump. Dumping on stupid Facebook doesn’t change the constant, insistent propaganda attacks aimed at ALL of us from a variety of psychopathic sources.

      IOW: Get real dude! 🌎🌍🌏

  1. There is a world of difference between using FB, email, a website or anything else online to reach people with information and deliberatly carrying out a massive disinformation campaign.

    Anyone who still thinks that Donny, Jared and Manafort met with Russians to discuss adoption is delusional in the extreme. If any other president had done a twentieth of what already been shown for Drumpf and his family, they’d be long gone. This blithering man-baby is probably half senile, is definitely stupid and contradicts himself at every turn. Any one of several Republicans would be enormously better presidents.

      1. I’m forced to agree with you. botvinnik has diverse interests, a modicum of critical thinking skills, a sense of humour and a modesty he only rarely exhibits, whereas Fwhatever seems devoid of those traits altogether, a hammer seeing everything as a nail.

  2. MDN’s take is way too harshly simplistic and doesn’t apply to many. By leaving Facebook cold turkey you’re talking about breaking contact with many real friends & relatives some of whom are out of state or out of country. (Maybe MDN HAS no friends or relatives.) I also am in touch with many colleagues in the entertainment industry and LinkedIn doesn’t fill in the void.

    1. Yes, while I abhor facebook, it’s difficult to walk away for business reasons. There is no other platform which reaches so many people. MDN has a facebook page, which bears the request to “Ask your friends to like this page.” They have 2,774 followers. I’m not sure what the business impact would be if they all deleted their facebook accounts. I have no problem with the people behind MDN not having accounts. That’s everyone’s personal choice. Facebook should definitely be held to be 100% transparent about what data they collect and how they use it. For MDN’s anonymous operators to keep chiding everyone to delete facebook is a bit sanctimonious, unless they delete their MDN page as well. Afterall, facebook knows who visits that page, who follows, and who likes it. In this way, MDN contributes a little piece of data on all those 2,774 people to facebook’s secret profiles.

      1. I never started so I don’t have to delete it. I keep in touch with friends and family by email, iMessage, phone calls, snail mail and face to face dinners and coffees. I empathize with your choices and situation, I hope you can find a way out. If FB disappeared tomorrow it wouldn’t bother me a bit.

        1. That’s the ticket John. I thought I was the only person in the world who is not on Facebook. But I can understand how some bidnesses might use it. They miss me though.

  3. If I had my way….

    a) If Facebook and Twitter are to be a news source, they better vette the information printed on their pages. Otherwise libel laws should be enforced. Simple! Crush them with the same means they make their money. Sell information? It better be accurate or suffer the suite. It’s the standard normal media must live up to after all.

    b) If it’s unavoidable to use the internet without unwillingly or not consciously making a company money, then that company should be treated and regulated as a public utility. This applies mostly to Google.

    c) Apple gets sued for anti-competitive behavior over iOS policies, or offers a built in jailbreak.

  4. If I remember correctly Real Networks was a real tough program to eliminate and word press, forget it, you cannot get rid of it once you sign up and yes it’s in the fine print.

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