Michael Gartenberg: iPhone X is the best smartphone you can buy today, and likely tomorrow; Apple is now a full generation ahead of their competitors

“The iPhone X is simply the best iPhone ever made,” Michael Gartenberg writes for iMore. “The iPhone X is the best smartphone you can buy today, and likely tomorrow. Apple is now a full generation ahead of their competitors when it comes to every metric. The amount of technology the X puts in your pocket would be unheard of in 2007. Frankly, it would have been unheard of in 2016.”

“The iPhone X serves two purposes. First, it delivers those users that want the best device in their pocket and will bear the burden of cost,” Gartenberg writes. “Second, the iPhone X is aspirational. The X reminds a market that sometimes slips into thinking Apple can’t innovate anymore that it just might want to think again.”

Apple's iPhone X. Say hello to the future.
Apple’s iPhone X. Powered by the amazing A11 Bionic. Say hello to the future.


Apple's A11 Bionic chip
Apple’s A11 Bionic chip
“It’s more that simply a product for people who want the latest and greatest. It’s a product for people who want the very best,” Gartenberg writes. “Is the iPhone X expensive? Yes. Are there a lot of people who can’t afford it? Maybe. It does seem that the people who might need to stretch to buy an X are buying one. I won’t speculate on sales numbers or Apple’s next earnings reports. What I will say is I expect this to be Apple’s best holiday season ever.”

Much more in the full article – highly recommendedhere.


MacDailyNews Take: As Day One users of all of Apple’s iPhone flagships we confidently state: All other iPhones pale in comparison to iPhone X. It’s not perfect, but it’s as close to perfect as Apple’s ever come in a smartphone, and that says it all.

With each passing year, and especially with iPhone X, it becomes increasingly clear – even to the Android settlers – that the competition has no chance of even remotely keeping up against Apple’s unmatched vertically integrated one-two punch of custom software and custom hardware. The Android to iPhone upgrade train just turned onto a long straightaway, engines stoked, primed to barrel away! — MacDailyNews, September 13, 2017

Vertical integration – hardware + software – trumps off-the-shelf conglomerations every single time. See: Macintosh, iPod, iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, etc.MacDailyNews, May 31, 2017

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    1. I heard Apple used reversed alien technology in producing iPhone X. So think about it, every time you use iPhone X you are linked directly with intergalactic space travel. Put your helmets on and take your protein pills we’re goin’ on a ride into the cosmos.

  1. I’m sure there will soon be dozens of articles on the internet disputing this claim. I have no doubts iPhone X will break all sorts of sales records this holiday season if Foxconn can produce enough of them. They keep stressing the cost of the iPhone X is too high for reasons I can’t understand. Consumers still use credit cards, so it’s just a matter of spreading out the payments. They can also just skip eating lunch for a month or so if they want it badly enough.

  2. the most valuable thing on earth is TIME.

    when you lose a minute it’s gone, can’t buy it back if you paid a million bucks.

    if an apple device can save me a few minutes a day (superior hardware, interface, etc) — i.e save maybe many hours over a year, it is worth a few extra bucks to me .

    1. There you go. I am so proud of you. I respect a person who sticks to his guns, doesn’t give up, pressed forward. No matter what the cost. You have conviction, a rare trait these days.

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