Some iPhone X displays hit with green line due to potential hardware defect

“At least 20 customers have shared photos of the potential hardware defect across the Apple Support Communities, Twitter, and the MacRumors discussion forums since the iPhone X launched a week ago,” Joe Rossignol reports for MacRumors. “‘So I was playing with my new phone and all of a sudden, this happened,’ said one MacRumors forum member with the alias tmiles81. ‘It’s a really bright line going down the entire right side of the phone.'”

“The green line wasn’t visible on any of the affected iPhone X units when they were first taken out of the box, but rather developed spontaneously after some period of usage in normal conditions,” Rossignol reports. “The devices involved also don’t appear to have been dropped or damaged in any way.”

“Restarting or even fully restoring the device doesn’t remove the green line, which typically runs vertically along the right or left side of the display, but can show up elsewhere on the screen,” Rossignol reports. “The green line could be an isolated defect with the iPhone X’s OLED display. Samsung’s Galaxy S7 also uses OLED and suffered from a similar issue last year in which a pink line appeared on some displays. Samsung acknowledged the issue as hardware failure.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Samsung can’t do anything right. 🙂

Green-lined iPhone X units will, of course, be replaced by Apple.

We are unable to reproduce the issue on any of our iPhone X units, thankfully.

And now we’re reliving our Boston commutes, way back when.


    1. M: My iPhone has a green line.
      Apple: Show me. Hmm, I don’t see it.
      M: Well, it’s kinda sporadic.
      Apple: Let us know when it becomes a problem.
      M: That’s why I’m here.
      Apple: But there’s no green line.
      M: Listen to me, dammit.
      Apple: Security, come here, please.

          1. I guess they didn’t take into account how humid some places get and those ‘water’ sensors are not built to ‘reset’ when drier conditions are encountered resulting in a false positive over time due to accumulated humid conditions.

            1. No they didn’t. At the time the whole ciyyy if Houston was up in arms and in the news. Apple was rrfydding to fix any problems due to supposed water damage. You know where they were? Exposed in the headphone an dock jacks…. but it was water damage. SOL… assholes!

  1. All is well so far here as well. Non-issue of a component failure made by a FAIL of a company in notorious Samsplode. AND Apple simply replaces the unit. A momentary inconvenience for a few.

    1. It is, it is the best iPhone evah. You just have to ignore all its faults, problems, errors, and inconsistencies. I can assure you that I am not worried at all and have zero buyer’s remorse.

  2. Kolache pastry and Khan — there are MANY other phones, tablets and computers you can buy. Please go away, buy them and be happy with them. Stop spouting your mental disorder here.

    1. Bumps growing into pot holes? This is a strange analogy. Wouldn’t bumps grow into mounds and from mounds to hills and from hills to mountains? I mean, bumps would increase vertically if they were to grow, right? I suppose that a bump could grow horizontally but that would make it a wall or something. Any-hoo, just sayin’.

      1. The analogy is valid. If a road is not smooth (either bump or depression) that area becomes excessively worn and will result in a pothole over time. The bump on a road will never grow to become a larger bump since you are ‘losing’ road material.

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