Early adopters adore their Apple AirPods

“As a serious world traveler, I always carry some sort of headset. Back in the day, it was earphones for the Sony Walkman; now it’s Apple’s AirPods,” Tim Bajarin writes for PC Magazine.

“Recently, my firm Creative Strategies ran a follow up to the voice assistant research study we published last year. We again partnered with Experian but added Apple’s AirPods to the study since Siri integration is one of their key features,” Bajarin writes. “We used every available resource to track down as many AirPod owners as we could and found 942 people willing to share their thoughts on Apple’s latest product.”

“The big story is high customer satisfaction; 98 percent of AirPod owners are very satisfied or satisfied, with 82 percent very satisfied,” Bajarin writes. “This sets the record for the highest level of satisfaction for a new product from Apple; the original iPhone and iPad each had a 92 percent satisfaction ratings when they arrived; Apple Watch in 2015 had 97 percent.”

Tons more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Our AirPods instantly relegated our once-beloved Jaybirds into the drawer of no return.

AirPods stay in while running, sound good, pair instantly to all of our devices, and, with the ability to tap them to ask Siri the score of the game, etc., other non-Apple W1-equipped earphones simply cannot compete.

As we wrote last month: “AirPods are a huge success that Tim Cook can rightfully point to as appearing during his tenure (besides the initial — yet, by now, expected — launch supply screw-up).”

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    1. They didn’t have to participate. AirPods are a great product so far. If they start failing within a year then we’ll have to reasess things, but I’m enjoying mine so far. The tap to Siri doesn’t work well though, I’m lucky if it activates one time out of five. Even at 50% accuracy it’s not good enough to waste your time trying when “Hey Siri” works every time on Apple Watch (I’m not saying anything about Siri’s accuracy once activated though…)

      1. I’ve had no problem with the double tap activation of Siri … you are double tapping … right?

        It took me a while to get used to what Siri responds to – when I first got AirPods I tried saying “set volume to 75%” and Siri would respond that she wasn’t capable of that yet. I had to get used to “increase volume by 10%” or “reduce volume by 25%” commands.

        1. Yup. I tried about 30 times and it worked about 3-4. I started using nearly the full pad of my my finger up to the first knuckle and it’s better, but still no better than about 25% accurate. Sometimes I’ll activate it several times in a row, and then other times (seemingly using the exact same motion) it’ll go ten times without working. It almost feels like it’s a connection problem between the AirPods and device(s). Maybe having it paired to an Air, iPhone and Watch at once causes problems.

        2. That’s really strange. I’ve used double-tap from day one to control HomeKit devices, plays songs, playlists and a lot of other stuff. Siri itself has limitations and doesn’t sound at all like a friendly assistant but the AirPods as a medium to Siri have worked almost flawlessly. I do however use Hey Siri and I’m always laughing at whether the iPhone or iPad answers. I was not aware that the watch supports Hey Siri. Did you mean the watch there or did you mean holding the Digital Crown to access Siri on the watch? With the exception of the Macs I’m very satisfied with Apple’s devices.

        3. Yes the Watch supports “Hey Siri” once you raise it and the screen wakes. I use it frequently to start workouts or set timers and reminders. It works much more consistently than the AirPods double tap, but I’m also wearing my Watch constantly while AirPods are usually for workouts or walks so I don’t try the feature very often.

      2. Try placing your thumb and middle finger on either side of the “drain pipe” and tapping the top side of the pod with your index finger. Works well for me.

  1. airpods are particularly useful when navigating with maps, receiving intimate voice directions directly in the ear eliminates distractions and makes experience smoother and safer

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