“‘Apple iPhone 5s is the top premium smartphone in India across all the states on the cumulative installations basis as of March 2017,’ according to CyberMedia Research. The iPhone 7 is, meanwhile, is ranked at number 4 in some of the states. Samsung and OnePlus are the only brands, from the Android stack, that figure in the top 5, adds CyberMedia,” IndiaTodayTech reports.

“Now that the iPhone 4S and 5C are out of the picture, the iPhone 5s is the cheapest iPhone available in the Indian market right now,” IndiaTodayTech reports. “The iPhone 5s will sell for as little as Rs 15,000 soon, says a report. It’s not a value for money though especially when you consider the fact that it’s almost 4 years old now.”

Apple's 64-bit iPhone 5s

Apple’s 64-bit iPhone 5s

“Ideally, one would have hoped that the iPhone SE would be Apple’s most favored cheap iPhone, only it isn’t. The iPhone SE is expensive. Apple is however looking to start locally manufacturing the iPhone SE in India in the days to come” IndiaTodayTech reports. “Starting local assembly will help the company price its products more aggressively, with experts predicting that the price of an iPhone SE could go down by up to 10-12 per cent, should Apple make it in India.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Behold the aspirational power of the Apple brand.

And, BTW, the iPhone 5s is timeless; it’s a gorgeous iPhone. It’s certainly a better experience and ecosystem than any iPhone knockoff can ever hope to offer.

When local assembly begins and prices get a little more palatable, Apple’s iPhone will take off in India and own the high end smartphone market there, too, as it does around the world.

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