President Trump fires FBI Director James Comey who called for iPhone backdoor

“President Trump has fired the director of the F.B.I., James B. Comey, over his handling of the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails, the White House said on Tuesday,” Michael D. Shear and Matt Apuzzo report for The New York Times.

“Mr. Comey was leading an investigation into whether members of the Trump campaign colluded with Russia to influence the 2016 election,” Shear and Apuzzo report. “‘While I greatly appreciate you informing me, on three separate occasions, that I am not under investigation, I nevertheless concur with the judgment of the Department of Justice that you are not able to effectively lead the bureau,’ Mr. Trump said in a letter to Mr. Comey dated Tuesday. ‘It is essential that we find new leadership for the F.B.I. that restores public trust and confidence in its vital law enforcement mission,’ Mr. Trump wrote.”

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Former U.S. FBI Director James Comey
Former U.S. FBI Director James Comey
“When the FBI demanded Apple create a ‘backdoor’ that would allow law enforcement agencies to unlock the cell phones of various suspects, the company refused, sparking a battle between the feds and America’s biggest tech company,” Grabien News reports.

“What makes this incident indicative of Comey’s questionable management of the agency is that a) The FBI jumped the gun, as they were indeed ultimately able to crack the San Bernardino terrorist’s phone, and b) Almost every other major national security figure sided with Apple (from former CIA Director General Petraeus to former CIA Director James Woolsey to former director of the NSA, General Michael Hayden), warning that such a ‘crack’ would inevitably wind up in the wrong hands,” Grabien News reports.

Read more in “10 Major FBI Scandals on Comey’s Watch” here.

MacDailyNews Take: When we called James Comey “the FBI’s idiot in chief” over a year ago, we meant it.

Don’t let the door hit you on the ass on the way out, Jimmy.

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      1. What you hate about President Obama is his skin color. President Obama was smart, thoughtful, judicious, and most of all, mentally stable.

        Don’t you think it is worst to have a traitor working in the White House, receiving classified information day to day rather than a sever with a bunch of diplomatic letters. Don’t you find it odd that Trump was not going to fire Flynn until it came out in the newspaper? Don’t you fine it odd Flynn never completed the documents for the Top Secret clearance he needed for the new job, working in the White House? How about Trump not making sure he was cleared to do the job before giving access to all of America’s secrets.

        At some point, the rest of us expect you to get a little smarter, though we realize the chances of that happening are small.

            1. I see you have been fed some lies. A few minutes of investigation will show the truth, if you are willing to believe things that differ from your preconceived notions.

          1. As usual, botty has no proof but the slander from his Russian handlers. What an idiot. According to botty, Americans are now living under Sharia law when botty thinks instead you should have a fascist one party system.

            More important than making up lies about the prior president who did more than anyone else to stabilize the US economy, why aren’t we leveling the same questions against the current snake oil salesman who spends 20% of his time or less in the White House?

            Did Trump prove the place of his birth?
            How about Trump’s tax returns?
            How about revealing what REALLY happened in the many meetings between Trump staffers and Russian government officials before and after the election?
            Why is it okay for his children to run Trump businesses from inside the White House?
            Why has Trump received copyrights in China after no review, while suddenly doing a 180 turn on his claims of China being a currency manipulator?
            Why has nobody blamed CONGRESS for not reforming taxes when they could have years ago, could it be that the forum bobbleheads forgot their team has controlled the hill since 2010?
            Why is taking millions of people off healthcare the most important item in the agenda when tax policy are so badly corrupted? Could it be that the republicans are the ones who corrupted the laws alongside the feckless democrats?
            Why doesn’t the executive propose a balanced budget, and specific treasury or IRS reforms, instead of wasting is goddamned time on twitter blaming democrats for the state of the tax code?

            Oh, that’s right. Republicans love the status quo they have made. They just want a dumbass president to distract the American citizen with a deluge of hypocritical tweets while the corrupt two parties dither and line their pockets with corporate bribes.

        1. BOB “the know it all” creep. Calling everyone who does not agree with Obama a racist. You are the scum.

          At the DNC before 2008 I heard obama speak. “Now there’s a Dem I could vote for”. I was even excited with a “thrill down my leg” when he ran. Then i heard his entire message. I have hated him ever since and wish he was fired, or even worse, assassinated.

          Nothing to do with skin color.

          Now go back to your sand box and play with your other kiddy peers.

          1. Selected reasonings must be your problem, or the shoe is fitting your foot mighty well. I did not say everyone who disagreed we me or President Obama, who by the way was born in Hawaii, and practices Christianist beliefs, if that’s important to you, and attends Christian Church, was a racists.
            I was commenting on the author above my message.

            But it’s interesting that’s your focus. Hell we all know what botvinnik is, a really old fool. We now that. He sadly has dementia. See there’s nothing wrong with being old. It’s the fool part. trump was born in germany. he is really a cousin to the family that calls him sister and brother. he grand-daddy was a pimp. no wonder trump loves doing criminal like things. it’s in his blood. trump daddy robbed the government during his hey day… i guess it’s just old news to you.

            1. more of my “dementia” Boob:
              Our president simply fired a dirty cop and that’s all there is to it.
              An honest cop would have nailed The Clot on countless intentional security leaks. The Muslim Usurper-appointed Comey did not.

        2. Sorry Bob I could care less what skin color Obama is or any president’s skin color for that matter. What I didn’t like(not hate) was his continuous condescending lecturing to the American people, his lawlessness, his massive amount of debt 10T, double what Bush did to us, his constant divisiveness, his childish pettiness, his never ending lying(Obamacare, the Iran deal, Fast & Furious, the IRS scandal to name a few) and in general his far left politics. I saw what he was going back to 2007 an empty suit who was and is a hard lefty that drove the democrat party farther left and divided us even more than before he was elected.

          So please don’t assume(or you make an ass out of you) what’s in my heart or presume what you think I hate when you don’t know me at all. If Condoleeza Rice had run for president who happens to be black and a woman I’d have voted for her. The ridiculousness of this type of thinking because someone disagrees with someone’s divisive politics is somehow based on a persons skin color is petty, childish and immature which lacks any critical thinking. So I’m not holding my breath that you will gain any wisdom from what I’ve said.
          Best to you and your narrow minded thinking.

    1. On April 25,. 2017, the U.S. Senate confirmed Rod Rosenstein overwhelmingly as the Deputy Attorney General, 94-6.

      May 9, 2017



      The Federal Bureau of Investigation has long been regarded as our nation’s premier federal investigative agency. Over the past year, however, the FBl’s reputation and credibility have suffered substantial damage, and it has affected the entire Department of Justice. That is deeply troubling to many Department employees and veterans, legislators and citizens. The current FBI Director is an articulate and persuasive speaker about leadership and the immutable principles of the Department of Justice. He deserves our appreciation for his public service. As you and I have discussed, however, I cannot defend the Director’s handling of the conclusion of the investigation of Secretary Clinton’s emails, and I do not understand his refusal to accept the nearly universal judgment that he was mistaken. Almost everyone agrees that the Director made serious mistakes; it is one of the few issues that unites people of diverse perspectives. The Director was wrong to usurp the Attorney General’s authority on July 5, 2016, and announce his conclusion that the case should be closed without prosecution. It is not the function of the Director to make such an announcement. At most, the Director should have said the FBI had completed its investigation and presented its findings to federal prosecutors.

      The Director now defends his decision by asserting that he believed Attorney General Loretta had a conflict. But the FBI Director is never empowered to supplant federal prosecutors and assume command of the Justice Department. There is a well-established process for other officials to step in when a conflict requires the recusal of the Attorney General. On July 5, however, the Director announced his own conclusions about the nation’s most sensitive criminal investigation, without the authorization of duly appointed Justice Department leaders. Compounding the error, the Director ignored another longstanding principle: we do not hold press conferences to release derogatory information about the subject of a declined criminal investigation. Derogatory information sometimes is disclosed in the course of criminal investigations and prosecutions, but we never release it gratuitously. The Director laid out his version of the facts for the news media as if it were a closing argument, but without a trial. It is a textbook example of what federal prosecutors and agents are taught not to do.

      In response to sceptical questions at a congressional hearing, the Director defended his remarks by saying that his “goal was to say what is true. What did we do, what did we find, what do we think about it.” But the goal of a federal criminal investigation is not to announce our thoughts at a press conference. The goal is to determine whether there is sufficient evidence to justify a federal criminal prosecution, then allow a federal prosecutor who exercises authority delegated by the Attorney General to make a prosecutorial decision, and then if prosecution is warranted – let the judge and jury determine the facts. We sometimes release information about closed investigations in appropriate ways, but the FBI does not do it sua sponte.

      Concerning his letter to the Congress on October 28, 2016, the Director cast his decision as a choice between whether he would “speak” about the decision to investigate the newly-discovered email messages or “conceal” it. “Conceal” is a loaded term that necessitates the issue. When federal agents and prosecutors quietly open a criminal investigation, we are not concealing anything; we are simply following the longstanding policy that we refrain from publicizing non-public information. In that context, silence is not concealment.

      My perspective on these issues is shared by former Attorneys General and Deputy Attorneys General from different eras and both political parties. Judge Laurence Silberman, who served as Deputy Attorney General under President Ford, wrote that “it is not the bureau’s responsibility to opine on whether a matter should be prosecuted.” Silbertnan believes that the Director’s “performance was so inappropriate for an FBI director that [he] doubt[s] the bureau will ever completely recover.” Jamie Gorelick, Deputy Attorney General under President Clinton, joined with Larry Thompson, Deputy Attorney General under President George W. Bush, to opine that the Director had “chosen personally to restrike the balance between transparency and fairness, departing from the department’s traditions.” They concluded that the Director violated his obligation to “preserve, protect and defend” the traditions of the Department and the FBI.

      Former Attorney General Michael Mukasey, who served under President George W. Bush, observed that the Director “stepped way outside his job in disclosing the recommendation in that fashion” because the FBI director “doesn’t make that decision.” Alberto Gonzales, who also served as Attorney General under President George W. Bush, called the decision “an error in judgement.” Eric Holder, who served as Deputy Attorney General under President Clinton and Attorney General under President Obama, said that the Director’s decision “was incorrect. It violated long-standing Justice Department policies and traditions. And it ran counter to guidance that I put in place four years ago laying out the proper way to conduct investigations during an election season.” Holder concluded that the Director “broke with these fundamental principles” and “negatively affected public trust in both the Justice Department and the FBI.”

      Former Deputy Attorneys General Gorelick and Thompson described the unusual events as “real-time, raw-take transparency taken to its illogical limit, a kind of reality TV of federal criminal investigation,” that is “antithetical to the interests of justice.”

      Donald Ayer, who served as Deputy Attorney General under President George HW. Bush, along with other former Justice Department officials, was “astonished and perplexed” by the decision to “break with longstanding practices followed by officials of both parties during past elections.” Ayer’s letter noted, “Perhaps most troubling is the precedent set by this departure from the Department’s widely-respected, non-partisan traditions.”

      We should reject the departure and return to the traditions.

      Although the President has the power to remove an FBI director, the decision should not be taken I agree with the nearly unanimous opinions of former Department officials. The way the Director handled the conclusion of the email investigation was wrong. As a result, the FBI is unlikely to regain public and congressional trust until it has a Director who understands the gravity of the mistakes and pledges never to repeat them. Having refused to admit his errors, the Director cannot be expected to implement the necessary corrective actions.

      1. hahahaha…the Trump explanation is a big troll on the world…asking you to believe that the reason he fired Comey is because he treated Hillary unfairly.

        And the word has already come out: Trump last week asked DOJ to come up with a reason to fire Comey…this was the best they could do and Trump took it.

        We all know that Trump fired Comey because Trump is scared of what the Russia investigation will find.

        1. what the Russia investigation will find

          This is blatantly delusional. There were nine months of investigations and “not wittingly” spying on Trump’s camp, and there is still no evidence as per Clapper and Comey himself. Even Clinton’s neocon maniac Michael Morell admitted there is nothing to it.

        2. “hahahaha…the Trump explanation is a big troll on the world..”

          The letter was written by former United States Attorney for the district of Maryland re-appointed by The Muslim Usurper, and appointed by our president as assistant US attorney general after a 94-6 approval by the United States Senate.

          you are a nincompoop.

        1. “the removal of the Director of the agency investigating misconduct?”


          Excerpt from text of Trump’s letter firing Comey:
          “While I greatly appreciate you informing me, on three separate occasions, that I am not under investigation, I nevertheless concur with the judgement of the Department of Justice that you are not able to effectively lead the Bureau.”

            1. How could stating factual information be silly?

              Trump’s AG recused himself and then acting on Sessions’ recommendation fires the FBI Director heading a supposedly independent agency that is actively investigating broad misconduct, collusion with a foreign government and failure to report conflict of interest by staff at the top of a President’s staff and cabinet. That is all factual information and if there is proof he knew of the conflict of interest and did not report it he could be impeached and removed from office.

              A National Security Advisor with financial and employment ties to a foreign government that the United States has active sanctions against is a serious- very serious- problem. That is not partisan- that is common sense and the plain truth. The public record shows that then President Obama privately warned then President-Elect Trump about his candidate for National Security Advisor based upon first hand and inside knowledge.

              Having held Top Secret US and NATO clearances during the Cold War Era I have more than a little understanding of the importance of what is at stake. My work involved access to US, Foreign and NATO intelligence in support to the US Army and US European Command HQ in Stuttgart, Germany. Some of the photographic work I did was used to brief the President, the Secretary of Defense, NATO ministers, heads of state and Congressional Committees in both open and closed sessions.

              In a time before Harvard Graphics and Powerpoint, all briefings up and down the chain of command were made photographically and we had access to tons of sensitive materials in order to make the AV presentations. I remember the daily ritual of walking to an incinerator accompanied by MPs or Counter Intelligence staff to burn waste material. On other occasions material was so sensitive that agents accompanied us to the darkroom while we processed film and prints despite our clearances and background checks.

            2. Please name a news source that is credible. Don’t bother with the 24/7 Hate Trump cable channels or the washed Post and NY Slimes who only report half the story that fits their Democrat bias.

              The most balanced and professional these days is probably NPR. I couldn’t say that couple decades ago, but they have come around.

              Botty is correct on this one …

            3. You can always go to the source. When a report or white paper is released they are almost always available online, for one.

              Next, many experts in many fields have blogs on platforms like WordPress- nothing like getting a detailed response from an expert.

              Government data has, for the most part, been publicly accessible – unless you are talking about Trump who has pulled a lot inconvenient to his policies from the web.

              Professional journals for the involved disciplines are commonly available either online or at any good library.

              Then there is good old fashioned dead tree journalism. Yes, I know the papers have an editorial bias as they always have. However, contrary to the meme shared among Republicans, the bias is not left leaning except on social issues. On economics and foreign policy it tends to be center-right even at the bogeyman New York Times and Washington Post.

              You do know that the WaPo is owned by Jeff Bezos who is just a few Billion short of being the wealthiest man in the world. He heads Amazon and Blue Origin and is anything but a flaming liberal.

              The truth is out there but will not be spoon fed to you.

            4. Thanks for a detailed response.

              I am aware of all the outlets you mention. I am not asking you to do my homework, a favorite lefty put down retort. I asked for your opinion on what is credible news. Capish?

              You gave a partial answer:

              “Then there is good old fashioned dead tree journalism. Yes, I know the papers have an editorial bias as they always have. However, contrary to the meme shared among Republicans, the bias is not left leaning except on social issues. On economics and foreign policy it tends to be center-right even at the bogeyman New York Times and Washington Post.”

              However, contrary to the meme shared among Democrats, left is dominating ALL ISSUES, not just social issues. How naive.

              At what’s worse, the POISON of political correctness has influenced ALL REPORTING and drives ALL NARRATIVES. Turn on biased CNN for five minutes and you’ll come around.

              I won’t do your homework either. For decades credible polling surveys have been done on the makeup of U.S. newsrooms. They found consistently that journalists are registered Democrats from 85 to over 90 percent.

              Spare us the parsing coverage of newsrooms at the biased Post and Times. They are indeed, bogeymen …

      2. Upfront disclosure: I thought Comey was terrible, but that doesn’t mean that the timing of his firing wasn’t concerning.

        At the time all the events in the memo occurred, Mr. Trump was supportive of Mr, Comey’s efforts. Whether the lifelong Republican FBI Director intended it or not, his criticism of Clinton’s handling of emails while Secretary of State was a very major factor in the election. Mr. Trump knew that, and applauded it. So did all the Trump supporters on this site.

        The President would now have us believe that a memo, which contains nothing that he did not know last July, suddenly caused him to lose confidence in the Director. Supposedly, Mr. Rosenstein conducted independent research (which yielded no facts that had not appeared in the media months ago) and wrote a carefully-drafted memo which Mr. Sessions carefully considered before passing it along to the President for his careful consideration.

        Note that the memo is dated yesterday. It was clearly written as justification after the fact for a decision that had already been made.

        Mr. Trump did not even have the basic human decency to call Mr. Comey into his office and ask for his resignation. Instead, he humiliated the Director by letting him find out he was fired from his own employees because they had seen it on TV. That isn’t “running the U.S. like a business.” That is running it like reality television. What’s next, joint appearances with Honey Boo Boo?

        Why make the decision so precipitously? Nobody inside the Administration has suggested any reason why Comey needed to be fired on the spot for something that happened last summer. It took 18 days to fire Flynn for having unauthorized contacts with a foreign power and lying about it. Two possibilities: (1) Comey had just asked for more resources to expand his investigation, so it was clear he wasn’t about to drop it as the White House wanted; or (2) Trump had meetings scheduled for today with the Russian Foreign Secretary and Ambassador and needed to assure them that the bad publicity from the FBI probe was going away.

        1. So says the self-described FAKE conservative that paragraph after paragraph, post after post, promotes and defends the Libtard POV 100% of the time and attacks the conservative or Republican POV.

          I’ve told you, I’ve told you — you FOOL no one!

          Your Democrat DECEIT is noted by the rest of the class. Or at least the part of the class that actually attends school, works hard for grades and not holed up in a safe space with a joint in their hand and failing grades …

      3. Still believing all of Trump’s lies? The White House explanation for firing Comey has changed 4 times, with Trump directly contradicting his staff and himself. With NBC he claimed he decided to fire Comey before he ordered his Justice department to waste their time making up excuses to do so. More proof showing that the egomaniac authoritarian idiot has no temperament to be president of anything. Trump is a disaster.

        Also, while Trump attempts to block important investigation that will reveal likely treasonous or illegal collusion with foreign agents, he inadvertently set back tax reform another year or more. The senate now has to confirm a new FBI director.

    2. Let’s also remember that Trump on twitter criticized Apple for not creating the backdoor into the iPhone when requested. Perhaps the writer of this article will call for him to be fired as well.

      1. …and The Clot STILL isn’t president AND:


        bwahahahahahaha, even Jimmuh The Peanut Brain voted for Socialist Bernie “Maduro” Sanders.

        You libtards got nothin’.

        1. No, loser you got nothing, you sold Apple like a typical numbskull ignoramus orangutan – we all got mula lots of it for sticking with the truth. Heck we could even buy you and put a ring in your nose to drag you arounf the fake president’s downfall parade, which would have a bigger crowd than his inauguration which you so proudly promoted.

          To the moon Apple!

            1. The funny thing, you pathetic deplorable sewer scum, is that I couldn’t care less about the woman you so hate and loathe, I would rather see W as an 8 year re-president than our country and democracy sold to hell by an oulandishly ignorant agent orange orangutan, that has the the support of no one but an approximate 20% equally ignorant, scum dwelling demographic, which he’s pandering and lying to so that he can have them as his brown shirt vigalante protection squad when they come to take him down.

              Hahahaha – loser.

  1. Oh youve really outdone yourself this time, MDN. Yes, President “Comcast can sell your search history” Trump fired Comey because of iPhone backdoors.

    🇷🇺 🇷🇺 🇷🇺 🇷🇺 🇷🇺

    1. … MDN said. MDN said that the president broke up his bromance with Comey with an e-mail. !Nice! way to break it off with a guy. MDN referenced that Comey was the one who ‘requested’ Apple provide iPhone backdoors.
      Oh, and that letter was based primarily on O L D information. Look at the investigations into Trump for reasons.

    1. The reason Trump didn’t do it 100 days ago is because Comey is the only reason Trump is president. He rewards those who are loyal to him.
      Now, Trump has been told he doesn’t have a choice.

      1. You have to be a special kind of dumb to bring that up. Explain what that was all about. Tell me about the Canadian company being sold and the 9 separate and distinct agencies that hat to approve the sale. Tell me about how Clinton actually didn’t really have anything to do with it except for perhaps sign necessary paperwork as part of her job.

        come on dipshit. explain how your special kind of stupid supercedes reality?

    1. Comey didn’t hand anything to anybody except copious rational to fire him, which the weak Obama failed to do, so Trump had to do it based on the recommendation of Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, just recently confirmed to office, 96-4.

      It’s now clear that Mrs. Clinton was weaker heading into Oct. 28 than was understood at the time. Several other polls were conducted over the same period that showed Mr. Trump gaining quickly on Mrs. Clinton in the days ahead of the Comey letter. And the timing of these polls — particularly the gap between when they were taken and when they were released — has probably helped to exaggerate the effect of Mr. Comey’s letter on the presidential race… The polls taken before the letter were as bad for Mrs. Clinton as those conducted after it… Even if the Comey letter did affect the race [the following week], the effect might have faded in the final days of the campaign. Mrs. Clinton’s national lead in the polls grew over the weekend ahead of the election.The New York Times, May 8, 2017

  2. November 2016:

    Valerie Jarrett, Obama’s chief adviser is among those who want Comey gone.

    House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi told CNN, “Maybe he’s not in the right job.” She added, “I think that we have to just get through this election and just see what the casualties are along the way.”

    New York Sen. Chuck Schumer called Comey’s actions “appalling,” adding that he has lost “confidence” in the director.

    As quoted in “Guilty as Sin,” Obama fumes to Jarrett that appointing Comey was his “worst mistake as president.”

  3. Did Mr. Comey investigate how much classified info Hillary gave to Russia via her insecure homebrew server but then she blamed Russia for hacking it?

    1. (1) Yes, Comey and the FBI spent months investigating Clinton’s emails. It was in all the papers. In fact, Mr. Trump cited the fact that it was in all the papers (due to Mr. Comey’s excessively detailed public comments on the investigation) as the prime reason for firing him.

      (2) After said investigation, Comey held a press conference in which he told the American people that there was absolutely no evidence that the Clinton “home-brew” server had been hacked by the Russians or anybody else. It was bad enough that it was vulnerable to hacking, but the ample evidence that the Russians had hacked the DNC server and Podesta’s emails was simply not present in Clinton’s case.

      (3) Clinton never blamed Russia for hacking her server, because there was no evidence that it was hacked. She did blame Russia for the other hacks, as did virtually everybody in the U.S. intelligence community.

    1. LOL. You never learn. You’re still spouting the same manically ignorant trolling BS like that time you thought it would be OK to open fire on toy helicopters.

      I can probably guess who you believe the Muslim Usurper is. it’s hilarious that you’re still so butthurt. Not sure who the Clot is. Please carry on regardless and don’t stop eating those lead paint chips.

        1. So Clot = Clinton then. Fine with me. Say, wasn’t she the person that Mad Lord Snapcase promised to prosecute? I think it was one of the many campaign promises that he has so far ignored since he really doesn’t care about you or what he said 15 minutes ago.

          This will blow your tiny little mind if you can stay on your lithium long enough to understand it. Are you ready? Here it is: Both Clinton and Trump can be bad people. If one is bad, it doesn’t mean the other is good.

          Trump has taken you for a fool. He got it right and relies on that fact to keep you focused on people who have not been relevant since the election. It keeps you not focused on his own daily parade of stupidity and corruption.

          Keep up the good work. You’re hilarious. I’m sure Trump will reward your blind loyalty with a kick in the balls someday and I want to see that. Good times.

            1. sure, I’ll say some more:
              • The Presidency
              • The Senate
              • The House
              • The Supreme Court
              • The Governorships
              • The State Houses

              not much left to say except you thugs still have Antifa and Cher.

            2. LOL! You think I’m some kind of liberal. But you got the list of elected offices and positions that the conservatives will lose thanks to Mad Lord Snapcase right.

              What else can you say for me? Wait, I know – say something funny about Michael Flynn.

            3. God this is a funny thread. I know, tell me about how Trump demanded that Obama required congressional approval to bomb Syria but he, himself, does not.

            4. There you go again, botty.

              Sovereignty hasn’t changed at all in the US. It is still a corporatocracy, same as it was in the imaginary nostalgic days that never existed when you claim America was “great”, which in your mind seems to be over a century ago when robber barons owned everything and average lifespan was less than 60 years old thanks to no labor laws, no food safety, no limits on pollution, and so forth.

              No amount of evidence will ever convince your partisan mind that in the current day, both parties have pursued the exact same pro-military, pro-wall street, pro-debt policies.

              And despite your constant whining, nothing fell apart during the Obama administration. Only the rhetoric has changed. Obama was more inclusive and diplomatic than the current Trump incompetent mess, but Goldman Sachs still rules the federal government, no change there. Obama coordinated 8 years without a major attack on American soil. 8 years with steady increasing employment and record market profitability. 8 years of steadily increasing military power, with new drones that have surgically executed war criminals with minimal risk to American lives. Obama had 8 years of experience in the job and he listened to his advisors. Trump does not, he can’t stand to hear anyone who isn’t ass kissing him. So the rotating door has been entertaining if it wasn’t so tragic. In Trump’s first 3 months on the job, he pissed off all allies, ordered a rushed & bungled special services mission that resulted in the death of American troops, proposed a budget of insane military largesse, showed complete inability to work with his own party in congress, revealed to the American people that he doesn’t know where the naval fleets are located, spent record amounts of taxpayer money traveling every weekend to his golf resort where he has already set new records for time spent vacationing. Since he just repeats what he hears on Faux news and his cabinet seems to be in cahoots with Putin, Trump ordered the dropping the biggest imprecise bomb to zero effect on an airport that the of Russians had already cleared of Syrian forces before the bomb was released. Nice show, but total waste of time and zero follow through. Enjoying your Greatness, yet, botty? We will see how saber rattling will work out for ya.

              As for survival of the republic, that seems quite strange since you clearly don’t want to have a multicultural, freedom of religion nation with representation of all people. You play partisan politics and you target Muslims whose rights are protected by the sacred Constitution that you ignore when it is convenient to do so. Your every hateful comment shows you want the US to look, act, and smell like pre-WWII Germany, with only your one party in control of all government, the scapegoating of minorities and the poor, and with the extermination or deportment of anyone who disagrees or doesn’t look like you.

              Since xenophobes like you have chosen to divide the nation instead of working together to reform the nation’s antiquated systems and infrastructure, you self-proclaimed conservatives have abandoned your formerly responsible policies of maximizing education and health, managing a budget to minimize unnecessary debt. Now that unelected and unaccountable corporate executives run the show, the republican party, without exception, as expended enormous military expense to please the oil industry or other for-profit entities at exponential expense, all while domestic justice remains a splintered inconsistent mess. Using highly effective propaganda campaigns, Republicans have gotten people to support proven bad economic policies and military waste while profiteers take over government. Both parties are equally guilty, but most foreign wars and the biggest growth in debts has on average occurred on republican’s watch. That is proven fact, look it up yourself. Every president since Reagan has expanded executive power, bloated the federal government, and racked up new levels of debt, much of which is accounted only years after the president has left office.

              The FBI is supposed to be a stable nonpartisan agency that provides intelligence to the executive and to congress. Its clandestine operations can be revealed and declassified whenever the legislature or executive requires it. But truth and transparency is at an all time low in the current administration. Trump clearly doesn’t want anyone to know the truth, as his every action has shown thus far.

              So in summary, botty, your republic is being eroded and destroyed faster by the incompetent buffoons you worship, and your recommendations here show that you would rather live on a dictatorial island than a republic anyway. Why don’t we just build a fence around your hovel by the river, and the rest of us can live and work together in peace. If we actually shared in our prosperity rather than giving all tax breaks only to the rich connected corrupt few, then the working class would grow again, hardworking immigrants could be welcomed to join and strengthen the nation as they always used to do, and the greatness of America would be measured by health and well being of all citizens instead of number of enemies Trump creates.

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