Apple analysts have a long history of misreading weak iPhone demand based on supplier rumors

“Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: An Apple analyst cuts iPhone shipment estimates based on weak supplier guidance, sendingthe company’s stock tumbling,” Sara Salinas reports for CNBC.

“It’s far from the first warning about iPhone shipments from the industry’s top analysts,” Salinas reports. “This time it’s TF International Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo cutting estimates for the iPhone XR. In October, it was Goldman Sachs and estimates for the company’s sales in China. Before that, it was Nikkei, Citi Research or Barclays Capital, lowering their respective estimates for the iPhone X, the iPhone 8 or the iPhone 5 over the years.”

“In 2013, after Barclays lowered iPhone sales estimates, citing ‘our checks in the supply chain,’ Apple reported 2.4 million more units shipped than the research firm predicted. In 2017, Citi called iPhone demand ‘modest’ and ‘tempered,’ and Apple beat Wall Street projections for iPhone shipments by about 1 million,” Salinas reports. “As early as 2013, Apple CEO Tim Cook was warning against taking supply chain rumors to heart… In short, Cook said Apple’s network of suppliers is deep and complicated. One supplier cutting its outlook doesn’t necessarily mean iPhone demand is down.”

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MacDailyNews Take: For sell-side analysts, “supply chain checks” means “let’s try to gin up some churn.” More investment turnover means more commissions for brokerages. Chatter, however baseless and/or mindless, is the impetus to get a staid stock price on the roller coaster that generates commissions from buy/sell orders.

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    1. Typo correction,,

      And the good always brushed under the carpet.
      I see it as coordinated manipulation, and mass media and corrupt journalism is at the heart of it

      Why be selective…

  1. AAPL has now shed $47 in the past few weeks and is STILL dropping after hours.

    Ok one staring fan boys. At what price do you finally pull your head out of your ass and admit there is a problem? -$60/share? -$80? -$120?

    AAPL shareholders have experienced and continue to experience horrific losses, day after day after day.

    No buyers appear anywhere.

    Apple share buybacks are doing nothing to stabilize the price.

    Instead there is wholesale liquidation of positions by institutioinal investors. Every day.

    Drooling fan boys say that bad press is the reason for all this. That analysts are spreading FUD.

    Do you REALLY think that billions of billions of dollars are that stupid?

    Apple can have a smashing quarter in 90 days and will NEVER recover anywhere near the full 22% lost the past few weeks. This isn’t coming back folks. Not for a loooong time.

    I hold Pipeline fully responsible for this epic fail.

    1. Apple is still up for the year. And they set records in their most recent quarter. Yep, it’s an “epic fail” all right.

      Tink — Are you sure you’re not a Russian bot??

      1. Can’t read? I said name a price fan boy.

        AAPL is currently at $183 in pre market trading.

        The sell off continues.

        Pipeline still has drooling fan boys.

      2. The reality is that the reports over the past few weeks have not been the typical one or two companies or one or two analysts claiming that Apple’s sales are falling. This is several companies and several analysts.

        Is it possible that ALL these reports are wrong? Yes.
        Is it possible that ALL these reports are just market manipulation? Yes.

        However, it’s like the old story:
        One person calls you a Jackass you laugh it off.
        Two people call you a Jackass you should start to wonder.
        Three people call you a Jackass you should start to investigate getting a saddle.

        We’re well past the 3 people point this time with Apple. People need to start thinking about things. They need to investigate which reports are likely true and which ones are likely not.

        The current crop of reports are not the “same old, same old”. That warrants looking closer. Anyone who says otherwise is just not paying attention.

        Oh, and “up for the year”? Who gives a damn about that? Only those obsessed with the rear view mirror. Everyone should be focused on what Apple is doing now and plans to do over the next 3, 6, 12, and 24 months.

        1. It’s not just Apple, it’s all tech stocks taking a hit. The consensus is that it is a reckoning due to privacy and data concerns in the tech sector. Apple is unfairly being painted with the same brush. It will pass. Apple will be fine. Smart investors will buy more AAPL right now.

    2. You can blame today on Mike Pence destroying the hopes the market had that Trump would actually cut a deal with China. Apple and everyone else tanked today because the market sees Trump as capable of destroying world trade but always hoped that others in the administration would be the adults in the room. Pence stoked fears that the suicidal fanaticism of Trump’s economic jihad may just burn it all down.

  2. Is this the first time the Wall Street Journal itself is reporting “weak iPhone demand”? I think that carries a whole lot more weight on Wall Street than some analyst’s note…

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