Apple debuts new ad: ‘Five reasons iPad Pro can be your next computer’

Apple has debuted a new 60-second ad, “5 Reasons iPad Pro can be your next computer.”

Meet the new iPad Pro. It’s powerful, versatile, and goes anywhere and stays connected everywhere, and it’s even better with the all-new Apple Pencil. It’s like a computer, unlike any computer.

  1. It’s more powerful than most computers.
  2. It’s a scanner. It’s a camera. It’s a notepad. Its a cinema, editing suite, music studio, book, and a computer.
  3. It goes anywhere (LTE).
  4. It’s as easy as this (finger moves words).
  5. It’s even better with Apple Pencil.

“Like a computer unlike any computer.” – Apple

Direct link to video here.

MacDailyNews Take: As we wrote back in August 2016:

iPad Pro is the computer for the masses.

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    1. There are plenty of great first person shooter games for iOS and the new iPad Pro is darn near console quality graphics and game play. Try Fornite on the new iPad Pro. It is AMAZING! I know, Fortnite is not strictly an FPS. Close enough for me.

  1. Close… but not before there is a core comprehensive, roubust file/folder management system with a consitant UI at the heart of ios.. accessible from every app for all types of files.
    Lack of this is a massive handicap… plus the restricted usb-c io

  2. Nope. In the context of this argument, if the iPad can replace your computer, you didn’t need a computer in the first place. Sure, yeah, it’s technically a computer – so were calculators. Not many people have only iPads and no computer. That includes the elderly and school kids and everything in between. I’m surprised Apple keeps pushing that rhetoric – it’s not like they don’t benefit from selling both.

    But the truth is, Apple is trying to push the iPad as a replacement for your NON-MAC computer, if you’re one of those people who has a cheap Windows machine or Chromebook, and they figure your budget only has room for one device. And even that’s a nonsensical stretch and a waste of advertising money.

    1. “if the iPad can replace your computer, you didn’t need a computer in the first place.”
      The vast majority of people, then, don’t need a computer, they just bought one because it was the best way to check email and surf the web. Folks that bought an iMac in 2009 iMac… something that they called a computer then, could replace that with an iPad (not even Pro) today and do just as much “facebooking” and emailing as they did before.

      1. That is correct. If we had had mobile technology 25 years ago, there wouldn’t have been a PC boom in the first place. Prior to the web, computers were for nerds and specialists, and it probably would have stayed that way.

    2. Based on the aged electronics in yet still exhorbitant price of their iMacs, Apple probably thinks all the people disgruntled with their lack of modern desktop machines will willingly ‘upgrade’ to an iPad Pro. They would be wrong.

  3. Yes, technically it is a “computer.” Agree with MDN it is more suited for the masses because of basic functions the average person uses daily. That said, the small club of Mac Pros understands what a REAL computer is…😉

    1. Pretty much! For everyone that says “WHAT ABOUT XCODE” I can throw an Apple shaped rock and hit 15 people that will be ecstatic that they can play those mobile games on their “computer!”

  4. A few other lists were developed but didn’t make it out of the agency…

    First list: Five reasons why iPad Pro can’t be your next computer

    It doesn’t have a true filesystem interface
    You can’t directly connect external storage to it
    Multitasking on iOS still sucks
    App Store and the Case of the Vanishing Apps
    Most people still can’t do their work on iOS

    Second list: Five reasons Mac can’t be your next computer

    It’s sealed as much as possible
    Apple is letting the Mac rot on the vine
    It might soft-brick after getting a component repaired
    Any repair Apple does costs more than replacement
    You want to tinker and experiment

    Third list: One reason Mac will be your next computer

    All desktop operating systems are now crap, but macOS is the best of a mediocre bunch.

    1. So that would make you a whiny young girl, and presumably Tim Ballmer’s #6? How, pray tell, do you think people create the software that allows you to use your phone or tablet as a wanking device (be it porn, Fortnite, Instagram, Youtube, or messaging) in the first place? I can tell you, it isn’t with an iPad or a Galaxy Tab. I don’t know what you whippersnaps are going to do when there is no one left to create things for you to consume.

  5. One reason it can’t:


    It’s a toy/appliance. It can’t run arbitrary software of the USER’s choosing. The USER can’t write their own using it.

    It can NEVER be my next computer, because it isn’t one.

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