“Apple has a new ad for the iPad Pro asking you to ‘Imagine what your computer could do… if your computer was an iPad Pro.’ With this, Apple has come full circle in its positioning of the iPad,” Carolina Milanesi writes for Tech.pinions.

“While the iPad Pro has everything from a hardware perspective that allows it to compete with a PC, it seems to me the biggest battle Apple has on its hands remains the preconceived idea of what a PC is,” Milanesi writes. “Reading comments on Twitter on the new iPad ad, I saw the same points being made as six years ago: iOS is not a ‘full OS,’ there is no file manager structure, there is no access to a disk, multitasking is not comparable, etc., etc.”

“But the world is not the same as six years ago,” Milanesi writes. “Why do you need a disk when you have the cloud? Why do you need a file system when you are using different apps and your work is contained within those apps? Granted, not everybody works like that but more and more people do. Our data shows that, in the US, 80% of early adopters have embraced the cloud and about 30% of mainstream consumers have.”

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