What’s happening with Apple’s secret augmented reality glasses project?

“Rumors of Apple’s augmented reality (AR) glasses, supposedly known internally at Apple as ‘T288,’ took off a little more than a year ago when Bloomberg reported that the company was aiming for a 2019 debut of its AR glasses, and a 2020 launch,” Chris Neiger writes for The Motley Fool. “Since then, others have offered up alternative timelines for the company’s AR glasses, and speculated that they might include virtual reality technology as well.”

“But what’s been happening lately with Apple’s AR glasses plan?” Neiger writes. “A little more light was shed on the subject back in August, when news surfaced that Apple had bought an augmented reality lens company, Akonia Holographics.”

“Apple’s purchase of the company sparked a lot of interest, because Akonia’s focus had been on creating transparent AR displays that offer a full range of color and high field-of-view. That’s important because current versions of AR headsets are bulky and have tinted lenses, while Akonia’s displays are designed as thin, transparent lenses,” Neiger writes. “Apple’s true intentions, of course, are still unknown. But since Akonia is working on hardware that could be paired nicely with Apple’s current AR software, the tech giant’s snatching it up throws a lot more fuel on the fire of speculation that an Apple AR device may be on its way in the next few years.”

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MacDailyNews Take: We cannot wait for technology to catch up to Apple’s vision!

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  1. The problem appears to be that there are currently fewer new rumours about this rumoured project.

    As the article states “an Apple AR device may be on its way in the next few years”. Even the rumours are saying that this rumoured project is still a few years into the future, so it’s seemingly on the rumoured schedule and therefore there’s no need to worry about it.

  2. There are a paucity of studies to show societal and personality implications for replacing real reality with fake reality known as VR/AR. The first step in the replacement was language itself, then writing, then theater, then tape recorder. Anything that is an intermediary between perception and direct experience. An animal such as I horse, I read, has direct experience. Seems that humans have the unique ability to actively move move away from primitive direct experience. This move away is appears inexorable.

  3. Any prediction that this would land in 2019 was never looking remotely feasible when you look at existing products in the market place expecially when lightwear hit the ground in a form that was supposedly state of the art.

    Difficult to put a date on a potential launch, but a couple years minimum seems the best one can hope for I suspect, and even that seems optimistic if it is to be the minimalist product most people visualise and certainly desire. So hardly surprising little is being heard at the moment. That’s the problem with publishing highly premature hyped claims, you have to continue with the theme and inevitably when nothing new presents itself, claims of delays and problems tend to take their place so that they dont have to admit the original stories were highly speculative in the first place.

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