Apple leads the way as wearable tech charge continues

“The wearable band market is booming, with shipments up 35% year on year from Q1 2017 compared to the same period this year,” Paul Lamkin writes for Forbes. “That’s the word according to industry analyst Canalys, who state that a ‘strong demand for health-centric devices’ is driving the market, with an estimated 20.5 million units shipped from January to March 2018.”

“The wearable band genre includes both fitness trackers and smartwatches and it’s the latter that is proving to be the revenue winner within the category, with 80 percent of shipments being connected timepieces, from just a 40 percent market share,” Lamkin writes. “And, unsurprisingly, it’s Apple leading the way in that field. The Cupertino giant, which launched its third-generation smartwatch at the end of 2017, enjoys an 18 percent share of the overall band market – that’s an estimated 3.8 million shipments.”

“only Chinese brand Xiaomi that comes close to Apple, with a similar number of shipments (predominantly in its homeland) of its budget Mi Band fitness tracker range,” Lamkin writes. “Mi Bands can be picked up for less than $30 [vs. Apple Watch’s starting price of $249 (Series 1) and $329 (Series 3)].”

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MacDailyNews Take: Disruption.

The Apple Watch is going to flop… The Apple Watch is Jonathan Ive’s Newton… Apple may have built out the watch to satisfy the urges of a designer who has become more obsessed with Bentleys and Rolexes than making attractive, functional technology that will actually make life better for the 99%. — Mark Wilson, March 2, 2015

Once people start using Apple Watch, they aren’t going to want to leave it at home. Ever. And that’s bad, bad news for watchmakers not named Apple.MacDailyNews Take, April 16, 2015

The stupidwatches currently on the market were rendered even more anachronistic dead ends today. If you have one of these wastes of time: Sell it. Get as much as you can for that piece of junk, make room on your wrist, and get ready for the world’s first real smartwatch: Apple Watch. Along with many millions of people, you are going to want an Apple Watch. All you have to do it touch it and see even a glimpse of what it can do and you’ll be sold… The Apple Watch is going to be a massive hit that sells millions upon millions of units.SteveJack, MacDailyNews, September 9, 2014

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  1. The “wearable band market”? That sounds like one of those gerrymandered markets market research firms create–like the media tablet–when they’re trying to frame popular mindset. How come Rolex isn’t in the wearable band market?

    1. Call it the smartwatch market, call it Watches, Call it anything worn on your wrist. Tt does not matter apple is the #1 wrist accessory maker in the world period. Does that cover it?

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