“Few analysts or writers will outright say it, but I will: the Apple Watch is going to flop,” Mark Wilson writes for Fast Company. “And I bet a lot of other people are thinking the same thing for many good reasons.”

“The Apple Watch is Jonathan Ive’s Newton,” Wilson writes. “When I look at the Apple Watch, I’m not seeing an empathetic creation for the masses. I’m seeing what the New Yorker’s more than 16,000-word story on Jonathan Ive would only hint at—that Apple may have built out the watch to satisfy the urges of a designer who has become more obsessed with Bentleys and Rolexes than making attractive, functional technology that will actually make life better for the 99%.”

“The Newton, Apple’s original, failed tablet, didn’t sell because tablet technology wasn’t polished, and we didn’t have the wireless networking infrastructure to make its experience particularly meaningful,” Wilson writes. “Sound familiar?”

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MacDailyNews Take: When we entered this one, iCal quivered with anticipation.

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