Morgan Stanley ups Apple price target to $160

“Morgan Stanley showed significant confidence in Apple on Monday, raising their price target to $160 and expressing a belief to investors that the company can continue to grow its business,” Neil Hughes reports for AppleInsider.

“In her latest research note, analyst Katy Huberty raised her price target from a previous projection of $133,” Hughes reports. “And she’s also introduced a new ‘bull case’ scenario, in which she could see shares of Apple reaching $190 if the company outperforms her own expectations”

“Huberty’s positive outlook on Apple stems from her belief that the company’s users are the most loyal of any platform,” Hughes reports. “In addition, Apple users are willing to pay a premium for the superior experience that the company’s platform offers.”

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    1. Just remember when Brian White had a price target of $1100 for Apple in 2012. Analysts simply throwing big numbers out doesn’t mean anything. Most of these people can’t accurately see further than their noses. This relatively large price target boost barely moved Apple’s share price. I think if investors were really into it, Apple’s share price would have jumped back over $130.

      1. “This relatively large price target boost barely moved Apple’s share price.”

        Do you realize that the price of a stock is related to how much people are willing to BUY it for? What makes you think that Katy Huberty’s prediction will make people like you open their wallets and buy AAPL? Did you buy some more AAPL when she made that announcement? Think.

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