Why the Apple Store is selling a bike helmet

“When you head to the Apple Store, you expect rows of Macs, iPads, and iPhones—not a bicycle helmet,” Christina Bonnington writes for Slate.

“While the Apple Store largely features products made by Apple, the company is increasingly featuring a mix of novel and useful iOS and Mac accessories,” Bonnington writes. “You can find wireless chargers, HomeKit-compatible smart home products, and even drones. And when you walk in one of 300 Apple retail locations this spring, you’ll also find a helmet alongside all those Apple devices and dongles.”

“Lumos is a connected bike helmet outfitted with controllable lights for added safety and signaling. Situated on the rear of the helmet, its array of 38 LEDs can light up to form a red triangle or white turn signal as additional visibility on top of traditional front and rear bike lights,” Bonnington writes. “The helmet was recently updated with two compelling new features centered around the Apple Watch. The first is the ability for the watch to discern your hand signals while riding, automatically illuminating the helmet’s turn signals when you do so. The second is convenient for those looking to track their workouts and daily activities: Whenever the helmet is switched on, it will automatically start recording your activity through Apple Health.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Yet another cool, connected must-have for cyclists!

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      1. And DavGreg is nowhere even remotely as vomit-inducingly boring as Apple repeatedly not upgrading Macs for years at a time (or even downgrading them instead). And people like you misguiding criticism in his direction instead of Apple’s is even worse.

      2. I endorse DavGreg whole heartedly. May he continue to speak the truth until Apple gets a clue!

        You know what is most annoying is people who choose to attack a reasonable poster that exercises his right to free speech. If you can’t stand free speech, then you might want to put down your electronics and take a walk in the park.

          1. Hey antagonizer in residence: you are free to make an ass of yourself. But you have done nothing to show us why DavGreg is wrong. Imho, DavGreg makes a valid point and you are blowing hot air in the wrong direction. Your mother would not be proud.

  1. They can’t update their Mac hardware, but they’ve got time to build a bike helmet


    Tim Cooks gotta go while there’s enough of the company left to save.

  2. Bicycle illuminate is always a great idea. One does have to question why it takes $169 USD to add LEDs to a bicycle helmet. Seems like a fun project you could do with any kid.

    I also think the turn signal function is overkill. You know that there will be more annoyed drivers who get mad when a cyclist forgets to cancel the turn signal. Hand signals are very effective when used properly, for FREE.

    A LidLights kit costs $40. 3M Solas reflective tape costs only a few bucks. Leave it to Apple to find a way to separate you from a few hundred more bucks.

    1. “I also think the turn signal function is overkill. You know that there will be more annoyed drivers who get mad when a cyclist forgets to cancel the turn signal. Hand signals are very effective when used properly, for FREE.”
      Yeah…’cos nobody rides at night when hand signals are useless to a following car whose driver is blinded by an oncoming vehicle with undipped headlamps? Nobody wants to wipe out a cyclist so flashing directional LEDs are a great idea.
      Oh…and I’m sure the logic circuitry will cope with the arm going down…unlike some.

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