Mark Zuckerberg and the never-ending stench of Facebook

“Taken at face value as an isolated incident, Facebook’s most recent data breach leak allegations may seem like a plausible case of corporate malfeasance,” Derrick Wlodarz writes for BetaNews. “But that’s giving Zuckerberg way too much credit, as someone who has been gifted every olive branch possible from his global community of users. And yet one who has consistently, and awkwardly, dropped the ball each time. Are we dealing with a case of a CEO who can’t keep the wheels straight? Or is there more going on behind the veil then anyone wishes to admit?”

“I’ve been pondering this question more and more recently. It seems like Facebook can’t go more than a few months without another bullet that needs to be dodged. It used to be that Facebook was navigating user blowback due to feature changes,” Wlodarz writes. “But it’s quickly getting into incessant hot water about privacy blunders and functional changes purely centered on being able to siphon every last drop of data out of users.”

“The bigger question I’m begging here is just this: If we know the guiding vision of the executive team in charge of the flagship, how do we trust Facebook’s public stances on what they will or won’t do to censor speech, content, or connections they don’t agree with?” Wlodarz writes. “If they’ve admitted to allowing the platform to be an accessory to terrorists as a casualty of adhering to an idealistic vision, what principles does their big red pen follow and with what oversight?”

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MacDailyNews Take: Anyone who trusts Facebook or Google is a damnable fool.

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  1. “Taken at face value as an isolated incident, Facebook’s most recent data breach leak allegations may seem like a plausible case of corporate malfeasance,”

    This is the “Fake News” that Facebook wants everyone to believe.

    When in reality, Facebook sold user data to anyone that had money and in some instances gave full and unrestricted access to all the US users data, because they liked that “Company”.

      1. Zuckerberg can’t put it back in because he never took it out to begin with

        After all…

        FaceBook was the brain child of his 2 college buddies that Zuck stole from them


        His buddies will help to bale him out

  2. i’d love to hear this simple confession before a senate committee: ‘yes senator, i became intoxicated with my own power and privilege. i thought i could take what was not mine to take. i’m an example of someone who, unlike solomon, asked for power but did not ask for wisdom. i do not deserve this privilege. i do not understand power’

  3. Might have a bit of explaining to do with this video:
    FaceBook: “This is their information, they own it.”
    BBC: “You won’t sell it?”
    FaceBook: No, of cource not.”

  4. Facebook, whether it was stolen or original, is a great idea.

    What’s a shite idea is customer abuse. And sadly, in our Age of Marketing, everything is considered a source of revenue, including customer privacy. Suck on the suckers until they’re dry. Short Term Thinking, Long Term Disaster.

    Enjoy your faceplant, Facebook.

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