Why is anyone surprised by poor iPhone 8 sales?

“A report by Reuters, later corroborated by Fortune, confirmed the longstanding rumors that people aren’t buying the iPhone 8,” Ben Sin writes for Forbes. “Reuter‘s report quoted the chief executive of Canada’s largest mobile network as saying that sales of the new iPhone 8 and 8 Plus have been ‘anemic.'”

“This really shouldn’t be any surprise,” Sin writes. “Apple, of course, will still win the end. Part of the reason nobody cares about the iPhone 8 is that the iPhone X is so intriguing. The latter will sell out immediately upon release and be in short supply throughout 2017 and probably the first half of 2018. And who knows, maybe by mid-2018 when Apple drops the prices of the iPhone 8, enough budget-conscious consumers will give that phone a look.”

“The iPhone 8 is a lazy rehash of a device, using a four-year-old design that was already beginning to look stale last year,” Sin writes. “My sister is still the only person I have come across (in real life or online) to have actually paid money for the iPhone 8.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Thanks to Reuters, Fortune, etc. for the mid-month AAPL sale!

As per judging a book by its cover: Apple's iPhone 8 offers the A11 Bionic chip, Wireless Qi charging, capacity up to 256GB, True Tone display, Apple’s Neural engine, an embedded M11 motion coprocessor, Portrait Lighting, 24/30/60 fps 4K video recording, Dolby Vision and HDR10 support, and fast-charge capability, to mention ten (10) significant enhancements over iPhone 7.

As we wrote last month: Let’s allow the entire iPhone family to be on the market, around the world, for some time before we judge the iPhone mix… Some people will (think they) want the Home button and Touch ID. Many millions worldwide will be swayed by iPhone 8/Plus’ lower prices and promotions relative to iPhone X. Apple is usually close to dead on with pricing. Promotions are another variable. This one is tricky, but we wouldn’t bet against Apple on this.

Poor iPhone 8 Plus. You’ll be the best smartphone on the planet for all of 42 days.MacDailyNews, September 19, 2017

This is pretty much the universal reaction to what would have been the world’s best smartphone had the iPhone X not existed. Again, Apple may have a problem on their hands if they’ve made too many iPhone 8/Plus units and are not prepared to market and promo them like crazy. Since the U.S. carriers are already offering iPhone 8/Plus promotions, Apple seems to have planned for the expected reaction to iPhone 8/Plus with iPhone X looming over them.MacDailyNews, September 19, 2017

You know, we’re not convinced that Apple will be overrun with iPhone 8/Plus preorders. Yes, use the App Store app [to preorder], in case, but it might be an easier night than you think. In fact, Apple just might have a problem on their hands, judging by the early results of our online poll. It’s early, but we expect Apple to market the living you-know-what out of the iPhone 8/Plus because, next to the iPhone X, it’s looking like a tough sell.MacDailyNews, September 14, 2017

The top three results of our recent online poll asking which model would be your next iPhone:

• 68.29%: iPhone X
• 11.33%: iPhone 8 Plus
• 08.74%: iPhone 8

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  1. Ben Sin, your article is a lazy rehash of other similar (and similarly skewed) articles. It is certainly not an iPhone X-level of article, and I think that I would prefer a Forbes article from last year over your current article.

  2. i was assured by MDN that everyone was in fact buying iPhone 8, no matter what all those dumb ol’ Wall Street analysts and sales figures were saying. i know lazy rehashes of last year’s model is certainly what i signed up for when i joined the iPhone Replacement Program.

  3. I swear that most of the articles I read originally about the iPhone X are that hardly anyone was going to buy such an expensive iPhone. Now, it’s like the articles are saying everyone is skipping the iPhone 8 waiting to buy the iPhone X. I wish these people would make up their minds. The way Apple stock is moving, I’m guessing that most investors believe Apple isn’t going to sell a lot of iPhone X units (possibly based on limited supply). I’m not going to concern myself with it. Apple will only be able to sell what stock it has available and that’s an unknown quantity at this point.

    It’s hard for me to understand about the iPhone 8 being a stale design. I suppose I don’t see smartphones the way most people do. I’m more interested in functionality than cosmetic looks. Wide bezels don’t bother me at all. I’m happy if those bezels protect the display from damage. I’d always want to keep a smartphone for a few years so I guess in a year, the design is considered stale but I don’t care as long as the smartphone is working well. Some people really get upset over such minor things.

  4. I’m quite happy with my iPhone 8. Solid upgrade from my 6, and I’m almost used to the Touch ID being considerably faster and more accurate. I’d grown used to pressing the home button to wake the screen without unlocking, and now I have to make sure I use an untrained finger to do that if I want it to stay locked. Maybe I’m an aging Luddite, but I’m not ready for a phone that unlocks every time I look at it.

  5. re: “Apple stock drops after Rogers CEO says iPhone 8/Plus demand ‘anemic’”

    Or maybe people are wising up and getting their iPhones through Apple instead of Rogers.

  6. How sad for Reuters and Fortune that the word ‘poor’ does not qualify.

    Try again.

    Maybe after the next quarterly results there will be legitimate numbers to use in analysis and judgement. Meanwhile, this comes off as pure, manipulative bullshit.

  7. Apple intentionally crippled the 8 by only putting 2GB memory in it versus 3GB in the 8+ and the X. That’s why I’m not getting an 8, and I don’t want the size of the 8+.

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