“It’s safe to say that fewer iPhone owners were holding their breath for the first batch of iPhone 8 reviews, which came out on Tuesday, than they were for the first iPhone 7 or even 6S reviews,” Eric Jhonsa writes for TheStreet. “With all eyes on the $999 iPhone X — polls have shown a 3-to-1 or even 4-to-1 edge in purchase intent for the X compared to the $699 iPhone 8 and $799 8-Plus — its cheaper siblings are being treated by many as an afterthought.”

“But with several of the improvements delivered by the iPhone 8 and 8-Plus relative to the 7 and 7-Plus also relevant to the X, which won’t see pre-orders start until Oct. 27, there’s still much of value to be gleaned from iPhone 8 reviews,” Jhonsa writes. “Likewise, the first formal reviews of iOS 11 — which rolled out to iPhone and iPad users today — are quite relevant to both the iPhone X and the iPad Pros that Apple Inc. launched in June.”

“Like the iPhone X, the iPhone 8 and 8-Plus ship with Apple’s new A11 Bionic system-on-a-chip (SoC), wireless charging support and displays that (like recent iPad Pros) support Apple’s True Tone technology, which automatically adjusts a display’s color temperature in response to an environment’s lighting. And though the dual-camera setup on the iPhone 8-Plus is slightly inferior to the X’s — the X supports optical image stabilization (OIS) for both lenses rather than just one, and has a slightly larger aperture for its telephoto lens — both deliver major improvements compared with the iPhone 7-Plus’ camera with the help of better sensors and image-processing,” Jhonsa writes. “Reviewers generally gave a thumbs-up to these improvements, even if many argued that consumers who can afford to buy it should wait for the iPhone X.”

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