Apple’s iOS 11 GM leak: Who paid for these leaks?

“This weekend saw all Apple’s iPhone X news leak. It was interesting to learn more about what the company will announce tomorrow, but it’s left me with a sense of unease,” Jonny Evans writes for Computerworld. “Who really paid for these leaks?”

“I can’t help but ask what would motivate someone who has built a professional career at Apple to leak information like this. They must have got to a position of responsibility sufficient to be given access to GM code, and by sharing it they’ve broken every standard of professional conduct,” Evans writes. “Why? Who really gains?”

“I find it hard to imagine anyone would risk their career just for the sake of leaking information about a phone a few days before it is introduced. What really is the point?” Evans writes. “Unless there’s money in doing it.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Or it could simply be a disgruntled employee, no money involved.

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  1. Tim Cook bought these leaks by giving $1 million to the leftist front called the “Southern Poverty Law Center.”

    Not all employees agree with your leftist, globalist, statist, socialist crap, Timmy.

    You want to play politics under Apple’s name and with Apple’s money? Fine. But, you won’t play them without consequences.

  2. It was certainly someone in the OS development team imo.

    Heads will roll, if they emailed that from theor company email account their as good as caught.

    Apple employs ex-CIA and FBI agents in its security teams so there is nowhere to run and hide.

    They probably already descovered who it is and resta ssured Apple will up its secrurity and restrict access in the future.

    This is very serious becuase this could cost Apple billions in sales and a competitve advantage in what is a cut throat industry.

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