Apple’s AirPods: 98% customer satisfaction

“Last week, we ran a follow up to the voice assistant research study we published last year around this time. Creative Strategies again partnered with our friends at Experian to see what has changed with voice assistants and explore some new products as well,” Ben Bajarin writes for Tech.pinions. “This year, we added Apple’s AirPods to the study since Siri integration is a key feature of AirPods.”

“We used every available resource to track down as many AirPod owners as we could,” Bajarin writes. “In the end, we found 942 people willing to take our study and share their thoughts on Apple’s latest product.”

“The big story is customer satisfaction with AirPods is extremely high. 98% of AirPod owners said they were very satisfied or satisfied,” Bajarin writes. “Remarkably, 82% said they were very satisfied. The overall customer satisfaction level of 98% sets the record for the highest level of satisfaction for a new product from Apple. When the iPhone came out in 2007, it held a 92% customer satisfaction level, iPad in 2010 had 92%, and Apple Watch in 2015 had 97%.”

iPhone 7 with Apple's AirPods
iPhone 7 with Apple’s AirPods

Read more, and see AirPods’ surprising Net Promoter Score, in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: As we wrote last month:

AirPods are a huge success that Tim Cook can rightfully point to as appearing during his tenure (besides the initial — yet, by now, expected — launch supply screw-up).

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Dan K.” for the heads up.]


  1. They are a technological triumph. I cannot live without them. And as interested as I am in Apple’s Alexa competitor I wonder about the need for it when Siri is in my ear almost all of the time.

  2. 98% satisfaction from the total of 942 fanboy buyers who have the Pavlovian training to click “buy” on every item Apple releases, without bothering to look at other products already on the market.

    Sorry, but Apple isn’t even proud enough to report actual sales of its many accessories and stale old hardware that hasn’t been updated for years. Until Apple proves success with proper numbers reporting, we know the product reception has been soft.

    1. That doesn’t even make sense. Siri is in iOS on your iPhone, not in the earbuds. And most of the time Siri is too dumb to do anything but point you to Wikipedia anyway.

      How very exciting that you like toting around 4 things instead of two.

  3. Love my airpods. Had to wait 6 weeks for them and accidentally bought 3 pairs. The missus took one and Apple took the other.
    The sound quality is superb and matches what I hear on other sound systems well. I couldn’t say that about the many other bluetooth earbuds and headphones.
    Switching from phone to MBP is easy. Battery power longevity still untested but the fast recharge is very welcome.
    The auto-on and off (in and out of ear) is good. Getting use to the lack of controls but Siri works okay.
    The big test will be how sweat resistant the buds will be.

  4. Guess I am part of that 2% that isn’t happy with them then…

    Have them since end December and still experience Bluetooth connectivity issue on a daily basis…

    1. Have an Apple Watch? If so, that’s the issue. I have to put mine in Airplane Mode to get the AirPods to connect reliably. So, yeah, among the 2% for now, but love the rest of em.

  5. I love the functionality but unfortunately I’m taking mine back because they just look too stupid. Every time I catch a glimpse in a passing window I look like someone’s Aunt Bea with clip-on earrings and I just cringe.

    My other frustration after a couple weeks is having to choose between Siri OR stop/play functionality on the double-tap. You have to be able to discreetly touch your ear to stop your music — otherwise every time you walk up to a cashier or whatever you’re the dork who’s tapping your ear and saying “Siri stop” – it’s beyond lame. But if you only have stop/play activated, you can no longer activate Siri from the AirPods, and having Siri in your ear is pretty cool.

    The obvious and intuitive solution is for Apple to just let us customize single, double, and triple-tap functionality ourselves. For me, my choice would be single-tap to stop/play, double for next, and triple to activate Siri.

    The sound for me is pretty much exactly the same as the EarPods — obviously there can’t be a lot of bass, but it’s fine for walking, working out, etc.

    The other thing to know is that gravity plays a huge part in the AirPods ability to stay in your ear, because they don’t have the downward pressure of the wires. That also means that you can’t wear them lying down, because they’ll fall out of your ears — frustrating when I’m watching TV, doing a meditation app, etc.

    I have Airbnb guests so I try to stay quiet around the house, and the ability to easily switch between my Apple TV, iMac, iPad in total silence is really cool. When I first opened the AirPods and my iPhone woke up and showed them as connected I practically wept.

    But it’s already a struggle for me not to look like an idiot, and I just can’t justify paying money to make me look like more of one.

    I’ll try the BeatsX next.

    1. If you look like Aunt Bea, then your vanity concerning your appearance while wearing airpods is misplaced. It really doesn’t matter if you wear them or not.

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