Indian government working on Apple’s demand for tax and duty concessions

“The government is working on certain options to accommodate demands related to tax and duty concessions sought by iPhone maker Apple for setting up a manufacturing unit in India,” PTI reports.

“Although the Finance Ministry has prima facie rejected the demands of the US-based technology major, senior executives of the company met an inter-ministerial group recently to deliberate upon the issue,” PTI reports. “The group discussed at length the demands of the company, sources said, adding that the government is trying to find ways through which certain support measures could be extended to the American firm.”

“Sources also said the company is asking for concessions as it wants to bring in its supply chain or component makers to the country as Apple cannot source inputs locally. The company also wants duty exemptions on the products to be bought from special economic zones,” PTI reports. “Apple has also sought relaxations for consumables for smartphone manufacturing and service or repair for 15 years. In January, Apple had indicated to the government that it is ready with a blueprint to begin manufacturing iPhones in India, but wants fiscal concessions, including customs duty waiver on import of components.

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MacDailyNews Take: Movement.

As we quoted Yogi Berra last week: It ain’t over ’til it’s over.

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      1. Exactly. What we are seeing is a paradigm shift on how the operation of the world works. The firework chest beating display is a beast in the thralls of collapsing upon itself, and the quiet one transverses the chaos harmonizing with the opportunities.

    1. India isn’t a nation that responds positively to bullshit, bravado and posturing, even though those are things that they do themselves at the drop of a hat.

      Cook has made significant moves towards India’s position by making investments in India before any major concessions have been offered. While not explicitly linked, there is an expectation that there will be some reciprocity from the Indian government. If they are not forthcoming, I would be surprised if further major investments were made. On the other hand, if India embraces Apple, then there are tremendous opportunities for both.

      Compare and contrast the way that Cook deals with India compared to the embarrassing way that Trump treated an official delegation from Germany a few days ago. Afterwards the Germans couldn’t decide whether Trump was shockingly discourteous, hopelessly ignorant, or just so full of shit that he imagined he was being clever.

      When Merkel, the Chancellor of Germany brings over the CEOs of major international enterprises like BMW and Siemens, you don’t just sit them with Ivanka the handbag designer and expect them to make small talk. It sent a totally inappropriate message to those business leaders and that message has been seen by the rest of the world too. Trump diminished himself in the eyes of the world, especially when he was seen refusing to shake hands with a very powerful woman, while Merkel has gained even more stature by rising above it in a dignified and intelligent manner.

      There was only one world leader seen to be sitting in that room for the photo opportunity. Trump acted like a chastised schoolboy having a sulk and the rest of the world laughed at him.

        1. I was referring to the photo opportunity where they sat either side of the fireplace and he ignored calls to shake her hand and sat there with his hands in his lap.

          He routinely shakes the hand of other ( usually male ) visitors when sat in that very same office for a photo opportunity, so the excuse of not having heard the multiple requests to shake hands seems absurdly implausible, even buy the standards of implausible denials that we’ve heard in recent weeks. He responds to other questions with no problem.

          1. It’s perfectly plausible that President Trump did not hear requests to shake hands with Merkel precisely because he already did shake her hand multiple times in public that day. If he was trying to make some point about not shaking hands, he would not have shook her hands when greeting her at the car or during the press conference.

            You’ve got nothing. Just like Hillary.

            1. So you would have us believe that he did hear the requests but chose to ignore them as he had already shaken her hand previously?

              That’s not exactly classy. He could obviously do with taking a few lessons from his predecessor concerning taste, sophistication, courtesy, and above all, statesmanship.

              The hilarious thing in that photo op was how he instructed the German press to send a good picture back to Germany and then within seconds had presented them with that incredibly newsworthy sulk. Newspapers and TV stations in Europe and elsewhere in the world prominently showed that sequence, often with a sense of disbelief that it could really have happened.

  1. India don’t do it. Set you taxes and be done. Treat every business the same including those of Indian origin and be done. Yes, fine, overseas businesses pay more fine. All cost are passed on to the consumer anyway. Whatever you do don’t deal, because whatever deal you grant must be given to others. No deals. India has laws, taxes, and cultures, if Apple wants to sell there, Apple adjusts, not India.

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