I love my Apple AirPods

“Usually I write reviews after only a few hours/days of using a new product. I can usually tell by then if I’ll love or hate a product,” Terry White blogs. “However, I waited to write this one because I wanted some more real-world time with them. I also wanted to travel with them and use them on a plane.”

“I’ve had and used my AirPods everyday since I received them on January 4th,” White writes. “In a nutshell I can’t imagine life without them. Are they perfect?”

“The first thing that I wasn’t that thrilled with is that I don’t like the design of the stem that hangs down. I’d like it to be shorter or not exist at all. However, the easiest thing Apple could do is offer these in other colors besides white,” White writes. “This company plans to offer Black AirPods and even dye yours black. If MacBooks can come in colors then definitely something you are actually going to wear should have more color options.”

iPhone 7 with Apple's AirPods
iPhone 7 with Apple’s AirPods

“I’ve never had them drop a connection or flake out in the ways other bluetooth headsets can do from time to time. I’ve done more calls and conference calls than I can count with them and not once has anyone complained that they couldn’t hear me,” White writes. “Would I buy them again? ABSOLUTELY!”

Much more in the full review here.

MacDailyNews Take: People certainly do love their AirPods!

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  1. I couldn’t agree more – everyone I talk to on these says it is ridiculously clear on their end and the bluetooth connection is rock solid. Every other bluetooth item I have owned have always dropped out and push static every now and then.

  2. Love mine too. Any tips on how to use them re volume control and resuming after pause? I’m finding it a bit of a nuisance having to fish my phone out of my pocket to resume playing after removing an AirPod or alter the volume.

    1. I agree….But using the apple watch fixes this – easy to adjust volume and skip/start music – it acts like a great remote control for the music on your phone.

      1. Again recordered not from a 1950 edition… you should check that original post btw. Home server is broadcasting. Also? You can’t possibly believe the things that come out of your mouth, you have to know they’re false. I’ve come to the conclusion you’re just a needling idiot who sits at their computer all day with nothing to do. The problem is that there are people who actually believe the type of nonsense you spew on a regular basis, I’ve stopped trying to reason with you since you’re incapable of admitting fault, which is either a trait of a narcissist or someone who’s just a joker who has no life. Or someone who lacks reading comprehension skills, as eveidenced by the articles you post that contradict whatever point you’re trying to badly make.

          1. Everything “bot” says is a false negative, just like his Cheetos dad tweeted, “anything negative is false news’,therefore any bile from the bot is actually the opposite of what he says. I’ve told him I don’t know how many times to put the pipe down and walk away. He’s starting to edge out.

  3. I’ve been really happy with mine as well. Also, I’ve been able to test them with the “Find my AirPods” option in the latest iOS 10 Beta, and it works really nicely.

    1. I use them on my ATV4 and it’s awesome! I had to take them off to see if the sound was really coming from the AirPods. Perfect when someone is sleeping and I don’t want to bug them

  4. Interesting that a site called Mac Daily News spends about a third of its time on political bullshit, 20% of its time advertising AirPods, 20% of its time advertising the Apple Watch, 10% of its time disparaging any company it decides it doesn’t like, and the remainder on actual news of anything related to the Mac.

    Is there a way to filter off all the chaff and just get Mac news here?

      1. As opposed to you, the graduate of the Besty DeVos school of ‘gizintas and gozoutas” otherwise known as ‘multiplication: additions tricky cousin’. How many repeats for you douchbag? Hah!!

  5. One thing they need to fix is to add a lock or latch to the lid. I have dropped the case a few times and each time, the AirPods spilled out. The case is durable and they hold up to drops quite well, but a latch would keep them from falling out. The pods themselves are light and bounce so it’s easy to have them bounce under things, making them difficult to find.

  6. While they aren’t perfect, I have come to love mine as well. I’ve had no issues with them falling out of my ears … my hands are a different story. I drop them all the time trying to put them back in the case I don’t think I could handle them being any smaller. Even better, the sound quality and clarity is far greater than I expected.

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