“While Apple rarely shows up — publicly at least — to trade shows like Mobile World Congress (MWC), its presence is still felt,” Mike Murphy writes for Quartz. “Apple’s latest smartphone, the $1,000 iPhone X, has been on sale since November, and it seems that more than a few mobile manufacturers have been busy copying one of the most-derided aspects of the phone’s design: the notch that houses its front-facing cameras.”

“Wandering around the more far-flung halls of MWC in Barcelona this week, I came across several smaller companies actively copying Apple’s awkward design,” Murphy writes. “Take this one from Shenzhen-based Oukitel, whose representative proudly told me that the company was the first to mimic the iPhone’s design. The phone, called the U18, is marketed with the succinct tagline, ‘Best for future!’ On Alibaba, it can be yours for just $160.”

Android peddler Oukitel's iPhone X knockoff

Android peddler Oukitel’s iPhone X knockoff )photo: Quartz)

Then there’s a “knock-off (notch-off?) from Leagoo, a Chinese company that is makes a big deal out of of its sponsorship with English soccer club Tottenham Hostpur. The S9 phone, which confusingly shares the same name as Samsung’s newest phone, also claims to be the ‘first Android notch display,'” Murphy writes. “The notches on these phones are not accounted for by the Android operating system software, meaning notifications and other information at the top of the screen are simply cut off.”

Read more, and see more fake iPhone X notches, in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Idiots peddling junk to idiots.

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