Apple App Store invites all third-party developers to submit Apple Watch apps

“Apple has now opened the floodgates and is letting all developers submit Watch apps to the App Store,” benjamin May reports for 9to5Mac.

“This means any of the 1.2 million apps can now submit updates including Watch apps (using the WatchKit framework), beyond the select partners Apple rolled out last week,” Mayo reports.

“As a reminder, Watch apps come bundled as extensions inside normal iOS apps,” Mayo reports. “This means customers can update the apps in the iPhone ready for the Watch’s release on the 24th.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Here we go!

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Dan K.” for the heads up.]


  1. thank goodness. Been waiting for this since 8.2 was released! Here’s hoping the voodoo required to upload binaries to Apple isn’t any worse than normal! 😀

  2. Here’s one example I ran across today. Don’t kill me for providing the link please. This is just an example:

    New York Times Develops an Apple Watch App

    …An app to provide brief news reports for the Apple watch when it is released next month.

    The reports, which will consist of a sentence accompanied by bullet-point summaries and photography or graphics, “will provide the news at a glance across many Times sections, including business, politics, science, tech and the arts,” the company said in a statement.

    The Times’s breaking news alerts will also appear on the watch, the company said. . . .”

    readers would also be able to immediately continue reading on their iPhones the reports they saw first on the watch, or save them for later.

    I expect this *brief summary, to be continued on your iPhone* approach will be common in Watch apps.

  3. Check out Apple’s new colonoscopy app for the Watch. Photographs the inside of your colon while enjoying a fisting session with your partner. Find those polyps! And, one more thing, the Watch is fecal proof to 100 strokes per minute.

    1. You just sold an watch to every politician in America. Gosh I bet the NSA can’t wait to bare arms over this product. And it comes with no lube, that’s got to be like patriotic or something.

    2. This joke has already been turned into a video by a trio of naughty fellows known as the CaseyBrothers at YouTube. Seeing as I refuse to face the wrath of victims of YouTube’s autoplay infliction, here is the partial URL at YouTube:


      The video one of a pair of (joke) advertisements for their urologist father. The videos feature the ‘URO’ app for iPhone. The app includes the UroFlowMeter. But the noted video demonstrates the Prostate Exam feature:

      The application even comes complete with a biopsy feature. 😳 😵

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