“Since the dawn of time, advertisers have stretched, exaggerated and mutilated the truth to get consumers’ attention,” Ken Segall writes for Observatory. “Hey, that’s life. It’s also why advertising is a consistent bottom-dweller in every ‘most respected profession’ survey.”

“Some companies have a refreshingly strong sense of advertising ethics. They believe that their products are so good, an honest portrayal is the most effective advertising tool,” Segall writes. “Apple has always been one of those companies… Apple advertising was always creative and fun, but it was also intelligent and accurate. That’s what made it the industry’s ‘gold standard’ for marketing.”

“That’s why it makes me nervous when I see today’s Apple playing loose with words and images to sell a product. Case in point: the ‘all-screen’ iPhone X,” Segall writes. “Of course we can see with our own eyes that iPhone X is not all-screen. It has a noticeable edge around the entire display, which even the Samsung S8 does not have. And then there is ‘the notch’ — the object of many a critic’s venom.”

Alrighty then.

Alrighty then.

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MacDailyNews Take: It’s 94.26%* all screen.

The absence of Steve Jobs grows ever more apparent with the introduction of each new Apple product, service, and app. At today’s Apple, the lack of an omnipotent arbiter of taste glares like a klieg light.

Apple management… ask yourselves “WWSS: What Would Steve Say” if I told him, for example, “For more than a decade, our intention had been to create an iPhone that is all display” and then handed him an iPhone mock up that wasn’t all-display? — MacDailyNews, October 1, 2017

We have eyes, Phil. And they can’t stop gravitating to that ill-conceived notch/ears hot mess you’ve got there.

What’s next, is Apple’s delusional marketing department going to claim, “It’s weightless?”

*Random guess. If you know or can calculate what percentage of the front of iPhone X is actually comprised of active display vs. bezel and notch area, let us know!

Joshua Topolsky: Apple is really bad at design – October 1, 2017