It’s not all screen: Apple’s stretching the truth with iPhone X marketing

“Since the dawn of time, advertisers have stretched, exaggerated and mutilated the truth to get consumers’ attention,” Ken Segall writes for Observatory. “Hey, that’s life. It’s also why advertising is a consistent bottom-dweller in every ‘most respected profession’ survey.”

“Some companies have a refreshingly strong sense of advertising ethics. They believe that their products are so good, an honest portrayal is the most effective advertising tool,” Segall writes. “Apple has always been one of those companies… Apple advertising was always creative and fun, but it was also intelligent and accurate. That’s what made it the industry’s ‘gold standard’ for marketing.”

“That’s why it makes me nervous when I see today’s Apple playing loose with words and images to sell a product. Case in point: the ‘all-screen’ iPhone X,” Segall writes. “Of course we can see with our own eyes that iPhone X is not all-screen. It has a noticeable edge around the entire display, which even the Samsung S8 does not have. And then there is ‘the notch’ — the object of many a critic’s venom.”

Alrighty then.
Alrighty then.

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MacDailyNews Take: It’s 94.26%* all screen.

The absence of Steve Jobs grows ever more apparent with the introduction of each new Apple product, service, and app. At today’s Apple, the lack of an omnipotent arbiter of taste glares like a klieg light.

Apple management… ask yourselves “WWSS: What Would Steve Say” if I told him, for example, “For more than a decade, our intention had been to create an iPhone that is all display” and then handed him an iPhone mock up that wasn’t all-display? — MacDailyNews, October 1, 2017

We have eyes, Phil. And they can’t stop gravitating to that ill-conceived notch/ears hot mess you’ve got there.

What’s next, is Apple’s delusional marketing department going to claim, “It’s weightless?”

*Random guess. If you know or can calculate what percentage of the front of iPhone X is actually comprised of active display vs. bezel and notch area, let us know!

Joshua Topolsky: Apple is really bad at design – October 1, 2017


      1. Notch or not, but the screen actually takes about 81% of a total iPhone area, which is a bit worse than for SGS/N 8.

        This is because this area includes metal frame and the curve that the glass is doing at the corners — this all turns out pretty thick.

        1. Until now I did not realize how delusional and ultra sensitive Melvin is to Apple criticism, constructive that is.

          The notch is coyote ugly and in your face, nuff said …

    1. The design MDN wants is the most simple to come up with, thats why all Android phones has it. It takes more thought and effort, but I think Apple got the right design.

      I prefer the notch design as well. The other option is to have a bar at the top and 3 other thin edges. This to me looks unbalanced. You can have a bar at the top and a bar at the bottom to balance out the look, but its like all other Android phones and you lose some screen realestate.
      With notch design, you have 4 thin corners, which looks better to me. The full face of the phone is utilized as screen except for the sensor area.

      I think Apple spent some time trying out the different options and this what they rather have. I don’t think it was overlooked.

      1. I agree, it was not overlooked, it’s an ugly decision.

        I don’t have a problem with ugly decisions. My (oft-repeated) gripe is with their insistence on marketing it as “all screen” and “edge to edge screen” — it is most assuredly not either of those things, nor is the the closest to either of those things in its market segment.

    2. After a short time of using the iPhone X, that notch will become white noise! Enjoy the damn phone for it’s awesomeness and don’t worry about something that will be shite noise before you know it!!!

    3. After a short time of using the iPhone X, that notch will become white noise! Enjoy the damn phone for it’s awesomeness and don’t worry about something that will be shite noise before you know it!!!

    4. I totally agree with you Chris! Further, Apple would have put the notch-based sensors behind the screen if it were currently technically possible. In time, Apple will figure out how to deal best with the notch with managing.

      1. Correct. Doing the current front (user) facing sensors *through* an OLED screen is not technically possible at this time. Eventually it may be, but not today. Thus the notch.

        It’s either the notch or no facial recognition ID capability.

        It’s that simple.

        Eventually, Apple may be able to figure out some time division or blanking sequence that is both not noticeable to the user and not detrimental to the accuracy of the sensors, but that day is not today.

        Get over it.

        (Yes, I do think the notch is a design flaw. But, it is a necessary flaw of today. It’s like the wired keyboards and wired mice of 33 years ago. It was not what any of us really wanted, but because of the of the technology of the day wired input devices were necessary things.)

        1. Besides the notch…things get even worse if one takes the safe area, the smaller usable area of the screen due to the curved corners, into consideration.

          Strange decision by Apple.. and now every website/app has to mod their pages and layout to accommodate X???

          PS it not either Facial recognition and notch or no facial.
          Apple could have adopted a narrow bazal on top and gone with 90 degree corners .
          Life would have been easier for everyone.
          Portrait or landscape….And we would have had a bigger screen real estate!
          But ‘brand identity, with radiused screen corners running parallel to the device shape/edges was a higher priority i guess.

      1. The critical perceptions about the notch are based on the (assumed) pursuit of the ideal. Is the ideal ever completely reached? No, that’s why designers and artists keep coming back to the studio to “find it.” If those are truly saying they prefer, like, want an intrusion into the iPhone screen, you have an interesting definition of the ideal. You might be the type that likes to view photos/painting with overlays of nothing related to the image? Would your prefer to watch a movie with folding chairs on the theater’s stage blocking the screen? No one has said Steve never made designed flawed items, so it’s a “strawman” argument (hockey-puck mouse). The interesting thing about that “mistake” was a proactive design choice based on his simplicity ideal…paring things down to its essence, vs a “left-over,” reactive solution of the notch. Function, in this case determined form…they couldn’t meld form/function…ideally.
        One the the posts here accurately symbolizes those that are ok with the notch, by describing it as “white noise.” Can you imagine one of the finest timepieces, paintings, architecture with a little “white noise” and the creator calling it “finished?” “Oh, I’ll get used to it”, says Frank Lloyd Wright of the wavering roof line. No, white noise and the Ideal aren’t partners. Being critical of product enables and ensures the next one is closer to the ideal. “Getting over it”, either means you don’t have the sense/care/passion for the visual ideal, and you’d probably be pretty happy with the Windows/Android paradigm. With this mindset, your next product isn’t going to be closer to the ideal. Some mediocrity is kind of ok. This statement is not meant to be overly critical, but the notch really “has no taste.” Steve said that about MS, btw.

    5. MDN is SPOT ON delusional fanboy. Or is it fangirl?

      The notch is coyote ugly, intrusive and as the author pointed out it does not FILL THE FULL SCREEN.

      That said, fingers crossed the next generation will achieve the full screen iPhone for REAL. Apple, your claim is disingenuous and only delusional fanbois eat it up …

    6. The notch is not surprising.

      Chris, anyone who has ever considered themselves to be Apple fans know that Tim Cook is a true incompetent. In fact, Cook makes Ballmer look like Steve Jobs. Cook is GREEDY, LAZY, and woefully INCOMPETENT!

      I never imagined a CEO could fuckup more than Ballmer, but Cook has easily accomplished this feat. Actually, the only thing Cook has done exceptionally well is fuckup. Everything from software, to hardware, to products, to QA, to QC, to executive management, has been a disaster.

      We’re talking about an incompetent clown who launched a Macbook with a single port that also happened to have a CPU that ran at a slower clockspeed than the iPhone 5. And when it came time to upgrade this shitty Macbook he spat in our face and refused to add a second port, for fear it would cut into his ridiculous profit margins on the 80 buck dongle that was needed just to operate this already overpriced and under engineered rose gold piece of shit!

      Cook’s greed is both unprecedented and suffocating. Apple has so much money because Cook routinely exploits and gouges Apple’s once loyal user base, by jacking up prices across the board while removing key product features, charging us for adapter crises that he alone has created, intentionally removing ports to conveniently sell us exhorbitantly priced dongles, selling glue-packed hardware for planned obsolescence, and dick moves like killing the billion dollar 30-pin connector industry just so he could gouge us for adapters, eliminating magsafe so you can destroy your Macbook and have to buy a new one, removing the widely used headphone jack so he could push his stupid overpriced 160 buck airpods, and killing Apple Airport wireless networking hardware because he was too apathetic and LAZY to upgrade the product line to support ipv6 and mesh networks.

      This so called “supply chain genius” has botched every single launch under his tenure. Cook couldn’t care less that we can no longer charge our phone and listen to music via a wired port simultaneously, buy a Macbook Pro with actual Pro features and ports, and get regular updates to Mac hardware. He’s so detached from reality, so fucking greedy, and so abysmally lazy that he refused to significantly update the iPhone until just recently; and that was just an excuse to charge us hundreds more for a flawed and gimmicky iPhone X that he announced a full 2-months before it’s scheduled launch! After all, what would an Apple product launch be without yet another Tim Cook botch. Still this never stopped him from releasing an identical iPhone design for the fourth year in a row with meaningless updates, removed features, increased breakability, an embarrasing 720p display for the smaller iPhone 8, functionality that competitors have included for several years that greedy Cook separately charges extra for (fast charging), and yesterday’s screen technology (no OLED for either iPhone 8). Not surprisingly this new iPhone 8 is still priced 40% more than its predecessor for no apparent reason other than Tim Cook’s insatiable greed!

      Moreover, he has neglected the iPad to a point of being criminal, he actually has the audacity to continue selling the reprehensibly outdated Mac Pro for the same price it retailed for in 2013, he refuses to even bother to update Mac hardware, he announced a vapor iMac Pro for the completely affordable price of only twenty-fucking-thousand-dollars, he’s fired all the executives that actually made Apple great, he’s wasted tens of millions on compensation packages for executives that are as lazy and incompetent as him, he spends millions promoting his pointless watch, and he oddly appears to be more concerned about watch bands and gay pride marches rather than keeping key Apple products updated. He has single handedly redefined the word “Pro” to mean stripped down, sealed and gluepacked, portless, and dongle laden. Finally, his specialty is creating underwhelming yet overpriced fashion accesories in garish colors that no one actually cares about, hitting the talk show circuit with that creepy grin and telling the world how great of a CEO he is, and of course spending the majority of his time promoting unrelated social causes instead of focusing on doing his job!

      Of course Cook can do no wrong in the eyes of his followers who enable his behavior by apologizing for each fuckup… which by the way are legion. All this, despite the fact that he spends only a fraction of his time as CEO, with the majority of his time spent keeping his pasty mug in the spotlight. Tim Cook apologists assert that he’s only criticzed because he’s gay, even though ironically Cook is the only person that ever made his sexuality an issue in the first place. In fact it’s unprofessional on Cook’s part to have made it an issue because his sexuality has nothing to do with the job he was hired for. He was hedging so he could use being gay as an excuse when everyone discovered just how lazy, greedy, and incompetent he actually is as CEO.

      There’s also the issue of what happens to Apple employees who refuse to march in pride parades. I think we can all use our imagination on that one. Still, most critics judge Cook on his performance not his sexuality, I suppose the truth hurts. Even so, he’s such a horrible CEO that it’s entirely possible that people now hate gays SOLELY because of Cook.

      I hope Apple’s paying you well Chris, because we all know Cook should’ve been fired 5 years ago!

  1. That linked pic is hilarious 🙂 It’s not the end of the world, but the ugly notch is a sickening design choice. For a company that has been focused on form over funtion for a solid several years now, this is a farce.

    1. “Sickening” design choice? A “farce”?

      You really don’t have any perspective on life, if that little area bothers you that much. Apple got rid of the iPhone forehead and chin. But you are not satisfied because it has a unibrow!

  2. Apple could have easily turned the notch into a feature had they simply said that the “additional” screen areas are dedicated to widgets that display time, battery life, WiFi speed, etc.

  3. I myself prefer the notch over other designs as well. The other option is a thick bar at the top and three other thin sides. This to me make it look unbalanced. Another option is a bar at the top and bar at bottom to balance it out, but this makes it look like an Android and takes away the screen Realestate. With the notch design, you have the full face as display, with all four thin edge. This looks better to me, and the space is fully utilized except for the area where the sensors are.

    1. It looks fine to me, too. Especially since OLED is an emissive display technology and favors a black background for reduced power consumption.

      All Apple has to do is reserve the side notch areas for useful indicators. Those areas can go dark when displaying full screen video. They could also be repurposed for dedicated user interface areas at the discretion of app developers.

      If I see a class action lawsuit over the iPhone X because of the “all-screen” advertising, then I am going to puke on every lawyers car that I can find. Anyone who purchases the iPhone X can clearly see what they are actually buying. In addition, Apple provides a generous return interval. If you don’t figure it out by then, it is your fault.

      Repeat after me…personal responsibility.

        1. If I could play the piano and sing and write songs as well as Stevie Wonder, then I would be blessed.

          As far as aesthetics go, why do you believe that blind people have no sense of aesthetics? It is likely different from yours and focused more on areas relevant to touch – texture, shape, etc. But that does not make it less relevant.

          What I said is reasonable and makes sense to me. I do not buy into all of this “ugly/hideous/sickening/farce” BS. You can post all of the snide remarks that you please, and I know that I can always depend on your down vote, but it does not change my opinion or the facts. All of you back seat designers know where you can stick your worthless opinions.

            1. Whatever. You attempted to use the name of one of the greatest musicians of all time to insult somebody else. Then followed it up with the weakest limp dick comment GUESSING that you might be able to do something Mel cannot. As always, with no proof of any kind because that’s how you roll. Typical behavior for a true asshole.

              The notch sucks , but botvinnik sucks harder.

              Don’t bother telling us when your next concert is, Maestro.

    1. Jobs is dead. Long live Jobs. Until Apple finds someone Jobs-like, they have to muddle along as best they can.

      I find it somewhat humorous that people are idolizing Jobs but hating on the people he selected to run the company after his passing.

        1. I do not believe that is true. Jobs kept Eddie Cue, and I seem to recall that you would prefer he disappear.

          I suspect that you would hate any CEO other than Jobs. In fact, if Jobs were still alive, you and others would be hating on him.

          I have better things to do than to listen/read puerile griping over every little issue on this forum.

          1. You are NOT a Realist because you are dead wrong. Allow me to give you some advice sonny, DO NOT attempt to speak for others. Bad manners and disrespectful. That is not too hard for you to understand.

            On second thought …

            1. Don’t even play that card, wiseguy. That ship sailed a loooooong time ago. Everyone including myself who has attempted to have an objective rational mature discussion with botvinnik including myself has been personally attacked far too many times if we ever have a different take. You two resident MDN trolls wore out your respect years ago.

              It is uncanny how when botvinnik is busy trolling in the internet for new insults or new orders from the Kremlin, goeb immediately appears and injects himself into the discussion. botvinniks butt boy always got his back. Do you live in his basement?

            2. lol, the Kremlin?…of course, I get all my material from ol’ rootin’ tootin’, jackboot scootin’, shirtless selfie shootin’, Bad Vlad Pootin’ himself.

              delusion |dəˈlo͞oZHən|
              • an idiosyncratic belief or impression that is firmly maintained despite being contradicted by what is generally accepted as reality or rational argument, typically a symptom of mental disorder.

  4. They should of made the thing slightly bigger at the top and bottom to accommodate for a slightly larger bezel and screen.

    My guess is they had the design finalized, but failed to hide the sensors. The end result is an abomination of design. It’s Satan’s seed.

  5. “Since the dawn of time, advertisers have stretched, exaggerated and mutilated the truth to get consumers’ attention,” yeah did you see that advert with a girl using a Galaxy S8 using facial recognition as a secure way to get to get access to her phone.

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