Apple stock could jump by as much as 530%, despite President Trump’s raging trade war with China

“At least from a technical analysis perspective, Apple’s stock is poised to laugh in the face of President Donald Trump’s raging trade war with China,” Brian Sozzi writes for Yahoo Finance.

“Apple’s stock has formed what traders call a ‘golden cross’ chart pattern. The formation — typically a bullish signal —happens when a short-term moving average crosses over a longer term moving average,” Sozzi writes. “It’s interesting that the stock has made this pattern considering the fundamental risk to Apple’s business model from the now heightened U.S.-China trade war.”

“‘If things calm down [on the trade front] (which might be a BIG ‘if’), the upside could be quite bright for this Apple,’ [Miller Tabak strategist Matt] Maley says,” Sozzi writes. “‘Given the fundamental issues surrounding the stock, investors should keep tight stops on any new long position in Apple, but if history is any guide, it could rally quite a bit from current levels,’ Maley adds.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Hopefully, in this case, history repeats.

One might think that once a U.S.-China trade deal is brokered and inked, a major drag on AAPL – indeed, a club that is wielded by naysayers and shorts whenever they wish to beat down the share price – will have have been vaporized. — MacDailyNews, May 14, 2019

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  1. MDN trots out analysts bullshit whenever their tea lead prognostications align with MDN’s dreams.

    Caveats abound: “If things calm down [on the trade front] (which might be a BIG “if”), the upside could be quite bright for this Apple,” Maley says.

    1. The stock market is, for the most part, nothing more than legalized gambling. There’s nothing wrong with MDN running a pro-Apple stock article on an Apple-centric site. Since the dawn of Apple retail stores and the introduction of iPod and iPhone, there has been an undending supply of negativity regarding Apple stock. See Michael Dell and Laura Goldman if you need a prime examples of lunacy.

      Lighten up, Francis.

      1. 530%. That isn’t a pro Apple article. That is clickbait garbage opinion of the worst kind. Proudly posted by a hit whore site that thinks it’s got a monopoly on truth, since it tells everyone regularly how bad the rest of the lazy media is…

        1. 530% – clickbait of the most disreputable kind – even the graph shows that was almost a decade ago, from a depressed base of about 12 to about 60. Recent rallies have been no more than 129%, again no basis for predicting the future. AAPL almost certainly will do well, but any investor who buys into this kind of bs deserves their almost inevitable failures.

  2. A 530% stock increase would give Apple a market cap (value ) of $5 trillion. OK …. you need to read stuff from analyats with your thinking caps on, or every silly piece of “prognostication” gets passed on.

  3. 530%? MDN is just posting nonsense now. Anything to try and get people to either invest before the stock explodes next week or upgrade perfectly good phones before we injure ourselves on the home button. Welcome to tech tabloid trash.

  4. I wouldn’t trust Apple to go up 30% because I don’t believe most big investors have any confidence in the company or Tim Cook. As it is, even those investors who own Apple stock are always dumping on some negative news. Apple’s institutional ownership percentage is not even close to companies such as Microsoft, Google or Facebook. Apple’s P/E ratio remains well below 20 even on its best days. Every growth indicator of Apple’s stock value smells bad. There’s just something about Apple that tells big investors to avoid owning it. Buffett is about the only big investor that seems to like Apple as a company but I wonder how long that is going to last. He’s bound to get fed up with Apple’s constant roller-coaster valuation.

    Apple doesn’t seem like a company that seriously wants to dominate any market. Of course, this is just my opinion and that’s about it. I like Apple and I’m sure it will continue to do well as a company but just nothing spectacular in the way of share gains or overall valuation.

  5. MDN put this more inclusive stock ticker at the top of the page, which has been bleeding red for a while now since Incompetent Buffoon is making no progress whatsoever in his “easy to win” trade wars. Ain’t that great?

    The Trumpanzee press is now attempting to convince the plebians that like a medieval doctor, bleeding an ailing patient will eventually make him stronger. How this addresses Chinese IP theft or Russian hacking of US networks of all kinds … well let’s not talk about things like that. Too complicated for Trump to understand. Besides, if Putin backs the weakest buffoon presidential candidate of them all, then Trump wouldn’t dare interfere with that meddling. As always, personal power and image come before the good of the nation. Trump knows that his message of division and intolerance and xenophobia were amplified by Russian trolls then, and will be again in 2020. Thus a divided nation falls. Is there no one demanding that the administration take action to protect the electoral systems on which the republic depends? Why not?

    So maybe a 530% rise in AAPL is possible in a decade or two … after the Trump recession recovers with a competent fiscally conservative president who actually understands the complex relations in world trade… I suspect Apple will move its headquarters to Ireland before that happens.

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