The last time Apple did this, it rallied 130%

“Apple has fallen prey to the trade war-triggered market sell-off, tumbling 11% in just a week,” Keris Lahiff reports for CNBC.

“But a propitious development in its charts could signal a massive rally, says Matt Maley, equity strategist at Miller Tabak,” Lahiff reports. “‘It’s seeing a golden cross. That’s when a rising 50-day moving average breaks above a rising 200-day moving average, and I’m usually not a big fan of that indicator but it’s been a very compelling one for Apple,’ Maley said Monday on CNBC’s Trading Nation.”

“The last three times the stock experienced a golden cross – in 2009, 2013 and 2016 – it rallied around 540%, 110%, and 130%, respectively, through to its peak years after,” Lahiff reports. “‘So if this stock can turn back up, that indicator would tell you it just might be see a good run,’ said Maley.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Who here among us Apple shareholders wouldn’t enjoy a rally of 540%, or 130%, or even 110%?

One might think that once a U.S.-China trade deal is brokered and inked, a major drag on AAPL – indeed, a club that is wielded by naysayers and shorts whenever they wish to beat down the share price – will have have been vaporized.

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  1. Investing should be legal only until the invested company reaches stability while investing solely to profiteer should be illegal because it does not serve the general welfare now known as the commons.

    1. You can’t seriously be comparing gambling on a horse race to investing in the market. If you are then you have just admitted your own stupidity. Those of us who understand the market and invest wisely are doing fine thank you.

      1. It. Is. Gambling. If you have a non-zero probability of losing money. The higher that probability the higher the potential risk and the higher the potential reward.

        So skilled one, I assume you understand where probability is gambling.

        But you have every right to gamble.
        Otherwise deny all you want…

        1. Google. Bill. Benter. Probability within a system that has many factors you can measure is not pure chance. It is not gambling if you understand the system and can predict trends even to a small degree. Using your own argument you might as well say getting an education and a job is also gambling because there is a non-zero probability of losing money. There is always a non-zero probability in all things. It does not follow that all those things are gambling. I don’t expect you to understand.

            1. Indeed. You’ve proven yourself to be profoundly wrong at least twice. Deterministic systems absolutely positively do not involve any probability whatsoever. Have a nice life.

          1. This is too precious….

            I did Google him. Here’s what I found…

            “William “Bill” Benter is an American professional gambler and philanthropist who focuses on horse betting. Benter earned nearly $1 billion through the development of one of the most successful analysis computer software programs in the horse racing market.”


            Now read each word, slowly, and try not to hurt yourself.

            1. Ummm, thanks for agreeing with me and proving my point.

              “Benter earned nearly $1 billion through the development of one of the most successful analysis computer software programs”

              Your own quote is all that needs to be said. Precious indeed.

            2. He
              1) is a gambler
              2);Played the ponies
              Both facts denied by you. The very definition of delusion.

              Now he may have won one billion, in the short term… in the long run he will lose. He rode a naturally occurring probabilistic (not deterministic) trend. You can get similar results, over finite time periods, flipping coins.

              Argue with nature not me.

            3. “You can get similar results, over finite time periods, flipping coins.”

              You can’t actually. Sigh. Trolls are never wrong even when they are hopelessly wrong.

              By short term you must mean the over three decades Bill Benter has been successfully winning. You clearly did not read any of the in depth information about how he wins. It is not a coin toss and he will never lose over the long term. In fact it is the long term betting margins that guarantee he will make money. He does lose in the short term on individual races but makes it up because of the long term.

              If you understand deterministic systems and probability as you claim to then you understand the two are linked through the degree with which you can measure and predict outcomes. The two are different but to say they have nothing to do with each other is a high school level understanding at best.

              By comparing what Bill Benter does to a coin toss you have proven beyond doubt that you do not understand what we are discussing. Everyone here is dumber for having read what you’re posting. Goodbye troll.

            4. “You can’t seriously be comparing gambling on a horse race to investing in the market.”

              You said that out of the gate.
              It’s absolutely clear to me that you have very deep misconceptions of mathematics. Determinism always has a probability of 1! There are no random events. The rest is less than 1, thus risk, thus gambling.

              btw… the universe is non-deterministic, thus everything is a gamble. the stock market much higher a gamble than baseline. You’re looking for the Wall Street version of the Perpetual Motion Machine, a fool’s errand.

              Never mind that even if I were to neglect the mathematical absurdity… this violates the second law of thermodynamics as well. A statistical probabilistic law.

            5. One more point to make. You wrote

              “1) is a gambler
              2);Played the ponies
              Both facts denied by you.”

              I never denied either of those things. Or can’t you read? By saying I denied those two points you prove yet again that you do not understand what is being discussed.

            6. Yes you did. Choose your own derogatory adjective for yourself.

              “You can’t seriously be comparing gambling on a horse race to investing in the market. If you are then you have just admitted your own stupidity. Those of us who understand the market and invest wisely are doing fine thank you.” – Seriously?

        1. Funny you should mention betting on horses. I suggest you google Bill Benter who made over a billion dollars using mathematical probability to bet on horse races. I suppose I should not take it for granted that intelligent people truly understand how probability works and that probability is not pure chance. applecynic almost got it when he wrote “a non-zero probability of losing money” but then he clearly failed to understand what he just said. Oh well, the two of you can keep on believing the market is just gambling. I’ll continue to make money and chuckle when I think of you.

  2. Yeah, a 130% rally. That was then, this is now. I’m sure in the next war, soldiers will be carrying candy canes instead of guns. There are people lined up around the block hoping and praying that Apple’s iPhone becomes the next BlackBerry or Windows Phone and Android smartphone market share percentage reaches 100%.

    Look, I’m not asking for some humongous rally. I was happy when Apple was at $220 a share or whatever the share price was when Apple hit a $1T market cap. Suddenly, Apple is back below $900B in market cap. This stock is showing crazy weakness. It’s as though Apple is the only company in the world who has dealings with China. I think only NVDA has taken a worse beating than Apple in the past week. It’s so easy for investors to discard Apple stock without a second thought.

    Some people keep saying how Apple stock is cheap or a bargain, but it’s so easy for it to become massively cheaper with just a few negative news stories. The stock is cheap for a reason and that’s because investors don’t see it as being valuable or stable. That’s one reason why Apple isn’t held by institutions in a high percentage as Microsoft is. Nothing Apple does ever changes investors’ perception of the company. Whenever the economy becomes rocky, Apple will be the first to fall and one of the last to rise. I have no intentions of dumping my Apple stock. I’m just calling it as I see it. As long as I’m getting my Apple dividends, I’m going to ignore Apple’s weekly volatility.

    1. Oh gawd, I love reading your clueless ramblings about Apple… I’m sure every time I’ve bought more AAPL, it’s from some Chicken Little like you who was selling their stock.

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