Analyst: Apple investors ‘overreacting’ to U.S.-China trade war and Supreme Court App Store ruling

“Apple investors are overreacting to the financial threat posed by the U.S.-China trade war and Monday’s Supreme Court ruling on the App Store, an analyst claimed on Tuesday,” Roger Fingas writes for AppleInsider.

“Although shares have traded down 11 percent since the start of last week based on both issues — mostly the threat of further tariffs — Apple can weather the storm, said J.P. Morgan’s Samik Chatterjee in a new memo,” Fingas writes. “‘Given that till date there has been limited impact from the tariffs on Apple’s hardware products, and likelihood of outsized losses from recent lawsuits appears limited, we believe the share price reaction can be seen as largely an overreaction,’ he commented. He admitted however that ‘there could be more downside’ on Apple shares in the near term if negativity grows around talks to end the trade dispute.”

“While Apple could raise iPhone prices by as much as 14 percent to keep up its high profit margins, it’s more likely that Apple will absorb the blow to keep prices in check, Chatterjee suggested,” Fingas writes. “This week’s Supreme Court ruling allowing an anti-monopoly case to proceed against Apple will probably have ‘limited’ impact as well, Chatterjee said.”

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MacDailyNews Take: People tend to fear the worst. It almost never happens.

To fear the worst, oft cures the worst. — William Shakespeare

Be fearful when others are greedy and greedy when others are fearful. ― Warren Buffett.

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  1. Yes I believe Apple can weather the storm which is why I hold my stock. BUT….can other companies weather it? I am not so sure. Once again the investor and the public in general get stiffed.

  2. Apple investors are always overreacting if that’s the case. No big investor wants to be left holding an empty sack. This stock remains volatile no matter what Apple does so there has to be some inherent problem with the way this company is being run. Investors have little confidence in Apple and will quickly dump their stock at a moment’s notice. Even over the last couple of months, Apple is a roller-coaster ride. It doesn’t make much sense to me to keep buying and selling the stock but maybe old investors get out and new investors get in. Even Tesla seems to be more stable than Apple and that’s something else I don’t understand. All I can say is thank goodness for dividends. Those buybacks don’t seem to be doing much for Apple except to lessen dividend payout. One would never suspect Apple is holding a mountain of cash the way the stock bounces around.

  3. Not just investors.

    If trade negotiations were going on as they should without the stupid tweets and the market was this volatile then yeah, maybe it is just investor overreaction. I know you lemmings think it’s all “art of the deal” but the fact is he’s been unable to make any real deals. No deal with China, NOKO, Middle East, Wall… none in sight. And HRC is never going to be locked up. Stop please stop the B.S.

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