1. What a lazy PR move; On a purely aesthetic level, Jobs would have nixed the backward-looking rainbow and demanded a new logo to uniquely encompass all values important to SJWism and, equally as important, Apple tech values…, another indication of Apple’s/Ive’s/Cook’s embarrassingly slack (like relaxed fit jeans that are supposed to fit better but just emphasize corpulent values), wrong-headed, careless vision for the company.

  2. To be clear, the rainbow color scheme was used for Apple logo and andvertising long before it’s current use by special interest groups. Some might consider this use now by Apple to promote something else which, it is not.

        1. Hope you find this one more to your liking:
          “My story is one of creation and conflict, courage and freedom. It is about the fabric that helped empower a community. Dramatic? Well, of course. I’m a drag queen. But every word of it is true. I created the Rainbow Flag. Pride 2008 marks the 30th anniversary of the flag I first flew in San Francisco’s Castro district in 1978. Love it or hate it, it is rich in its history. This flag has no rules. It has no protocol that governs its display. It is the community’s for the taking.”

        2. Thanks for that link, I hadn’t come across it before. A painful reminder of a hate crime that resonates today. In ‘79 I was hitching(remember those days?) from LA to SF and was given a lift by a guy who was beaten up in the Elephant Walk bar by police. He lost partial sight in one eye and suffered tinnitus thereafter.
          Ironically, Trump is the epitome of the ‘Twinkie defence’.

        3. The famous rainbow design was created a year later by Rob Janoff, who says on his website that it was the only logo concept shown to Steve Jobs, and was created in two weeks. The colors were designed to make Apple products look user-friendly, to make them attractive to school-children and to emphasize the Apple II’s unique color display

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