How (and why) Jony Ive built the mysterious rainbow Apple Stage

“The mysterious, rainbow-colored stage erected inside Apple Park bears all the hallmarks of the company’s meticulous design, according to an Apple document provided to Cult of Mac,” Lewis Wallace reports for Cult of Mac. “It’s the latest creation by Jony Ive’s team — and it’s just as thoughtfully and intricately designed as you might imagine.”

“An article explaining the project to Apple employees sheds light on just how much thought, time and intense effort went into building the rainbow Apple Stage,” Wallace reports. “And Jony Ive’s ruminations on the project show he and his collaborators put a lot of thought into it.”

“Apple and its collaborators are supposedly rushing to complete the brightly colored stage prior to a May 17 special event for employees at Apple Park. That event reportedly will do double duty. It will serve as a celebration of the formal opening of Apple Park, the sprawling headquarters of the world’s most powerful tech company. And it will pay tribute to Steve Jobs,” Wallace reports. “The multicolored arches that frame the nearly completed Apple Stage took months of hard work and meticulous planning by teams inside and outside Apple, according to an article on AppleWeb, the company’s internal platform for employee communications.”

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MacDailyNews Take: It seems it was quite the process to design and build Apple Park’s rainbow stage.

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      1. … know who he means. All those insecure guys who put on a show of hating gays because they are afraid “they ARE one”.
        Is it that you didn’t KNOW this? Or refuse to admit it.
        The work (?) seems to have destroyed much of the grass in the “audience” area. Re-sodding needed?

    1. No sir, YOU just made the rainbow stage an issue. YOU brought up the homophobic topic. YOUR OWN insecurities couldn’t stop YOU from posting. Yet, you deflect on others.

      You could simply have said this:
      It’s a beautiful stage and I love how the rainbow colors mirror the rainbow apple logo from years ago.

      But, YOU didn’t.

  1. Next year this magical stage will be a half an inch thinner and support twice as many colors. We, the customers, can’t wait for Apple to get their hands (and feet) on it to see what wondrous events will be held there.

  2. Remember that the rainbow apple was Apple’s original logo.

    Otherwise, I hope Johnny Ive has also invested “months of hard work and meticulous planning” into the next Mac Pro?

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