New drone video shows off Apple Park Campus with mysterious rainbow stage

“While Apple Park was being constructed, drone pilots like Duncan Sinfield followed Apple’s progress on the buildings and landscaping, allowing us to see the campus as work progressed,” Juli Clover reports for MacRumors.

“Apple Park has been done for some time now and drone videos have largely stopped, but Duncan Sinfield stopped by Apple Park this morning and captured a great-looking drone video,” Clover reports. “The main ring-shaped building has all of its completed landscaping, and the video also shows off auxiliary buildings like the Steve Jobs Theater and on-campus parking structures. ”

Clover reports, “Of particular interest is an event stage with a rainbow arch and multiple lights that’s located right in the middle of the campus.”

Read more in the full article here.

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  1. No, you’re correct…it’s not that mysterious.
    “Curious” might be a better word?

    I’m prone to ask; the company symbol of old has returned with historical, or new relevance?

    The reference of a current cultural symbol embraced with Apple specific relevance?

    The reference to an ancient symbol embraced for a reason I wouldn’t be able to explain/understand.

    If the 2nd choice, it’s more than curious. I’d add “disconcerting.”

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