Filmmaker Alex Gibney: Steve Jobs and Elizabeth Holmes shared this one ‘great talent’

“Late Apple CEO Steve Jobs and former Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes share something far more important than their preference for black turtlenecks, says Alex Gibney, the director of a recent documentary on Holmes called The Inventor: Out for Blood in Silicon Valley,” Max Zahn and Andy Serwer write for Yahoo Finance.

“‘The most interesting thing about Steve Jobs — and something he shares with Elizabeth Holmes — is that he was a storyteller,’ Gibney says. ‘That, I think, was his great talent,'” Zahn and Serwer write. “‘He wasn’t an inventor in the mechanical sense of the word. He was an inventor in the way he kind of made up stories that people liked to consume,’ the Oscar-winning director Gibney adds of Jobs.”

“Holmes, indicted last June on charges of defrauding investors for misrepresenting the effectiveness of a blood testing machine produced by her company, had a well-documented obsession with Jobs,” Zahn and Serwer write. “Not only did she mimic his wardrobe, but she also adopted his management techniques and sought to hang the Apple flag at half-mast on the day of his death, as described by journalist John Carreyrou in Bad Blood: Secrets and Lies in a Silicon Valley Startup.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Oh, Holmes told stories alright.

Steve backed his up.

Theranos’ Elizabeth Holmes and Steve Jobs: When the ‘reality distortion field’ fails – July 6, 2018


    1. Yup, no one ever accused Steve Jobs of running a scam product out the door.

      I am sure Apple had developed products that either didn’t work or work well enough to release, but they never sold them to the public, well …

      I hope they make the new laptop keyboards work correctly for a long time with a better design and retrofit all the existing laptops out there. But Steve Jobs didn’t have anything to do with that. The keyboard failures may represent the end of the Jobsian mystique around Ives.

  1. Utter nonsense. Holmes was a lousy story teller. She told the same story every time, which turned out to be a lie, the story about her relative that died, where she would say, no one should die before their time. Turns out she wasn’t close to that relative after all.

    As for Steve, he didn’t lower his voice an octave in order to give a speech.

  2. If you’re allowed to make up lies, you can come up with some pretty impressive stories. “I figured out a way to do 150 complicated blood tests with a single drop of blood, the army is using it and it’s working great” IS a pretty great story, after all.

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