Apple uses Siri Shortcuts to catch up to Alexa, Google Assistant

Ben Fox Rubin writes for CNET, “While Amazon’s Alexa and Google Assistant got busy over the past few years creating oodles of new skills and capabilities, Apple’s Siri seemed to be asleep.”

MacDailyNews Take: See: According to former employees, Cue ‘seemed to lack much interest in [Siri]’ from ‘the moment he gained responsibility.’ During meetings about technical data for Siri’s performance, Cue ‘seemed to fall asleep in at least two meetings.’ — The Information, September 2018

“Alexa came out with food delivery via voice commands back in early 2016. Siri, meanwhile, didn’t offer the same feature until last year,” Rubin writes. “Considering that contrast, it’s no secret Siri has fallen far behind its main competition in features and smart-home partners.”

“But, Apple has a plan to jump-start Siri and foster the same flurry of developer experimentation that made Alexa a hit. It’s doing that through Siri Shortcuts,” Rubin writes. “Shortcuts allows people to use Siri to control different iOS apps, letting folks take a selfie with their iPhones or get details on an upcoming flight all via voice commands.”

“Apple on Thursday announced a series of new app integrations with Siri Shortcuts, including Caviar (that’s right, food delivery), Merriam Webster Dictionary and Airbnb. Those apps join thousands — yes, thousands — of others that are already connected to Siri thanks to Shortcuts,” Rubin writes. “Apple’s ability to bring together thousands of new features to Siri in a short amount of time should give the Siri ecosystem the shot in the arm it’s needed.”

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