“Apple has hired John Giannandrea who formerly served as Google’s head of AI and Search,” Gene Munster writes for Loup Ventures. “Giannandrea will likely be working on AI-powered interfaces that will replace the touchscreen and iOS, like augmented reality wearable. Separately, AI related to Apple’s self-driving car program (PAIL) will likely fall under Giannandrea.”

“What this means for Apple, recruiting more AI talent. It’s a win,” Munster writes. “Talent follows talent, and John Giannandrea will no doubt help to build Apple’s AI brand and enhance future recruiting efforts.”

“Why did Giannandrea come to Apple?” Munster writes. “Most likely – projects, pay, and privacy. As one of the most senior experts in arguably the most in-demand field in the world, the conversation around compensation was probably short. Giannandrea may be given freedom to work on projects he is more passionate about and have the chance to build something new.”

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MacDailyNews Take: John was probably ready to work for the leader and tired of working for a follower.

Apple hires Google’s A.I. chief to improve Siri – April 4, 2018