Expect Apple to focus more on enterprise identity, device ownership in 2019

“If 2018 was the year Apple revamped its relationship with enterprise users, 2019 is likely to be year the company keys in on device ownership and identity in the workplace,” Ryan Faas writes for Computerworld. “In fact, Apple has been signaling this kind of focus for a while with a series of moves that have shifted how it handles hardware management and lay the groundwork for the year ahead.”

“Even as it’s forcing a conversation about device ownership and identity in the corporate world, Apple is framing the question about how identity, access, management and ownership tie together,” Faas writes. “While device-level management came first for enterprise mobility management, capabilities like conditional access, app- and content-level management, and corporate licensing of mobile apps have since evolved. This means organizations now have more flexibility in designing security and access policies, deployment strategies, and mobility use cases.”

Faas writes, “Ultimately, one of the big stories about Apple in the workplace in 2019 is likely to be the management flexibility it’s allowing, particularly as it continues to add partners that can extend its in-house operations for enterprise customers.”

Much more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Dealing with and protecting personal information, including health, Apple Pay, etc. on devices that are also used for work (BYOD) is a huge job. We’re glad it’s Apple taking the lead in the enterprise. Imagine the awful alternative of insecure Windows combined with privacy-trampling Android — yuck!

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  1. What else does Apple have? As far as the news media is reporting, no consumers are buying iPhones, anymore.

    Apple should be selling corporations ARM-powered servers as some tech people are saying how ARM is the future and replacing X86-powered servers. All WS ever talks about is cloud computing have unlimited growth. Maybe Apple could make some headway with its custom silicon.

  2. With no enterprise-level cloud service, practically all network hardware & software dropped and no suitable mobile tool terminals that are competitively priced with fewer frills for mass purchase and issue to employees like SE (but leaving only “luxury” accessory phones at outrageous pricing), Apple is now pretty much perceived as a consumer gadget company. A long way to go to the enterprise level services….

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