“Apple has grown so quickly that it can be hard to grasp just enormous it is,” Robin Harris writes for ZDNet. “CEO Tim Cook tossed out a surprising number in the last earnings call: Apple’s enterprise business is $25 billion. That makes Apple, the world’s largest consumer electronics company, also one of the largest enterprise IT companies. To put that $25 billion in perspective, that is larger than the sales of EMC, the largest enterprise data storage firm…”

“When Apple was the Mac company, corporate IT closed ranks against it,” Harris writes. “But with the success of the iPhone, Apple won senior execs at thousands of companies. When IT balked at supporting the CEO’s iPhone, they got a simple message: figure it out or find a new job.”

“pple is relying on IBM, Cisco and dozens of other firms to bring Apple products into verticals that even Apple, with its enormous sales and profits, could never hope to attack directly. And that saves it big dollars as well,” Harris writes. “Apple has a great strategy… It is so successful that it is starting to drag Macs along with it. Of course Macs have dominated the high-end of the PC market for years, but now with IBM singing the praises of Mac economics — which includes their excellent reliability — Windows-centric IT groups are on the defensive. As the Mac growth rate shows, they’re losing the battle.”

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MacDailyNews Take: To have advocated for Apple Macintosh here and prior, some of us for decades, and to have fought for Macs at every company of which we’ve been a part, the vindication we’re now experiencing simply couldn’t be any sweeter.

We hope the Mac-blocking, Apple-hating, productivity-killing IT doofuses have either wised up or are suffering immensely as the world around them finally, blessedly wakes up.

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