“Could you cut costs by giving employees Apple devices instead of PCs?” Kelly Sheridan reports for InformationWeek. “IBM’s Mac program seems to suggest yes.”

MacDailyNews Take: “Suggest?” It screams it.

“IBM is currently deploying 1,900 Macs per week. There are 130,000 iOS and Mac devices in use at the company, stated Fletcher Previn, IBM’s vice president of Workplace-as-a-Service, at this year’s JAMF Nation User Conference in Minneapolis,” Sheridan reports. “The MacBook program has shed light on a notable difference between Mac and PC users in regards to IT support. Five percent of employees using Macs contact IBM’s IT help desk for assistance, said Previn, compared with 40% of workers on PCs.”

“Macs require less setup and management, and demand fewer support staff members,” Sheridan reports. “The 130,000 Apple devices at IBM require a help desk of 24 people.”

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MacDailyNews Take: As we wrote last week: Shocker.

What a waste of productivity the Microsoft Windows Dark Ages of Personal Computing hath wrought! Wasteful and Painful. And even more painful if you lived through it as a Mac user and knew the truth while IT doofuses waddled around patching things that would never have been broken if only they were smart enough to use Macs instead of crappy Windows PCs.

Note to CEOs: Your IT department should not be making final hardware and software purchasing decisions. They should be supporting your company’s technology needs. You should get independent viewpoints (find people who recommend Macs and make them explain why) and retain the decision-making role for yourselves. Don’t settle for Windows-only shackles. A marked increase in productivity and reliability for your company is there for the taking. You can get Macs and seamlessly integrate them into your business – even if all you do at first is run Windows on them. You can explore Mac OS X and better ways of doing things according to your own timeline (hint: start by using Keynote instead of PowerPoint for your presentations and watch your audiences perk up). Just don’t expect your IT people to ever recommend Apple, as they may have ulterior motives for sticking with Microsoft. — MacDailyNews, January 2, 2007

Why are so many people so afraid to imagine an end to the dark ages of personal computing? Too many MSFT shares in the mutual fund? We have no such problem. Apple Mac will embrace, then extinguish – whether analysts grasp what’s happening or not. — MacDailyNews, March 23, 2007

Just 5% of Mac users at IBM need help desk support vs. 40% of Windows PC sufferers – October 15, 2015